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The Gate2Growth Academic Network's annual series of doctoral seminars, called the 'Doctoral Track', is a unique opportunity for doctoral students and junior researchers to follow a well-balanced Ph.D. training course in the overlapping areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and finance. The seminars want to introduce the participants to the methods, techniques and theories commonly used in their research area. It also offers possibilities for young researchers to get in contact with their peers, to explore new avenues of thinking, to learn collectively and to exchange ideas in a very active and stimulating way.

The doctoral seminar series includes three sequential modules:

1. Workshop in research methodologies and techniques (Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, Ghent, Belgium: 18-20 September 2006)

This 5-day seminar is organized and covers different views on methods and techniques used by our research community. The emphasis is on interactive learning with peers about the practical aspects of setting up a research project. More (view page)

2. Workshop in newest research themes and topics (Nottingham University Business School, Nottingham, UK: 17-20 October 2006)

This 4-day seminar is organized the and covers the theoretical perspectives used to perform research in this domain and emerging or new topics such as idea generation; modes for innovation; entrepreneurial finance; resources and development/management of a start-up. More (view page)

3. Doctoral tutorial (IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain: 18-20 December 2006)

The 4-day tutorial gives the participants the floor to present their own research project/paper to leading peers in their field of research. More

The Doctoral Track is a unique opportunity to share knowledge, discuss a variety of topics, refine your research questions and shape your research proposal. In addition the workshops provide a excellent networking opportunity through all sorts of social events enabling future collaborations. The participants will also get to know many peers that are currently reviewers and/or editors of well-established journals in the field.

What is the Doctoral Track?


Host: Prof. dr. Juan Roure, Prof. in Entrepreneurship (link)

Location: IESE Business School (University of Navarra), Barcelona, Spain

Contact: Asanjose@iese.edu (Mrs. Ampara de San José Riestra)

Dates: 18-20 December 2006

The final seminar is a tutorial that will give the Ph.D. students the possibility to present their research work/paper and ask feedback to their peers and leading scholars. The workshop will largely be organised around presentations by students participating.

Speakers and discussants

Prof. dr. Juan Roure (IESE Barcelona, Spain); Prof. Rama Velamuri (IESE Barcelona, Spain); Prof. Harry Barkema (Tilburg University, the Netherlands) and other professors depending the topics of the presentations.

Detailed programme


Junior researchers, Ph.D. candidates or other students within the first two years of their doctoral research (programme) in entrepreneurship, innovation and/or finance are invited to participate in this doctoral seminar series. In order to be selected candidates have to submit an application dossier to the Gate2Growth Network Secretariat (i.e. to the attention of the Network Manager, EIASM, De Brouckèreplein 31, 1000 Brussels, Belgium).

Applicants have to complete the application formalities correctly and return the full dossier asap including:

- a curriculum vitae demonstrating the applicant’s capabilities of doing academic research,

- a letter of recommendation from his/her local faculty (supervisor, head of department...) supporting the application, and

- a 3-page description of the research project and design (including a brief presentation of the research problem, research questions, the applied research methodology, …).

The deadline for submissions of the complete dossiers is Friday 8 December 2006. For questions about your participation or your network membership or affiliation please contact the Network Manager: tom.schamp@eiasm.be. For question about the programme please contact the local host.

Approved applicants will receive a notification no later than one week before the start of the workshop. The capacity of the workshop is limited to 25 participants. PS: for your information there were 21 Ph.D. students enrolled for the Doctoral Track 2004-2005 and 23 students for last year's Doctoral Track which makes it one of the most successful Ph.D. research programmes around Europe.

After each workshop, the student will prepare a learning essay (or report) which will admit him to the next seminar. The first essay should include what you learned in the workshop and how it relates to your research in terms of the research design or the used methodology and research techniques. The second essay, to be written based on the insights from the second workshop, should be a progress report of the research undertaken by the student. Some theoretical insights could be added to this. Eventually, the student is invited to present his research, written in a paper format, at the doctoral tutorial.

APPLY FOR THE DOCTORAL TRACK 2006 (VLGMS, Ghent - NUBS, Nottingham - IESE, Barcelona) (WORD)



The enrollment fee fee the Doctoral Track is 1.850,00 EUR.


CATEGORY 1: Researchers, doctoral students or Ph.D. candidates that are affiliated to an ‘institutional’ member of the Gate2Growth Academic Network are entitled to cost reimbursement for travel and subsistence (= accommodation and meals) for all three seminars. They also pay a reduced participation fee of 1.495,00 EURO for the complete doctoral track.

CATEGORY 2: Individual members of the Gate2Growth Academic Network are also entitled cost reimbursement for travel and subsistence (= accommodation and meals) for all three seminars.

CATEGORY 3: Participants of EU-Associated Countries receive an extra 20% reduction of their participation fee.

Participation may be spread over two subsequent Doctoral Tracks. This requires the payment of the full participation fee.


Participants are entitled to the network’s benefits, which may include a cash limit on reimbursement of costs following the participation in at least one of the workshops + the tutorial. Costs claimed may include the cost for transportation or travel and subsistence, amongst others accommodation and meals etc. - VAT, taxes and duties excluded (!)).


- welcome drink

- coffee breaks and other refreshments

- dinner(s) (if announced on the programme)

- course materials and readings

- and a one-year G2G network membership!

In all cases the participation fee includes the participant's network membership fee (i.e. 150,00 EUR for individual members or the membership fee/number of persons for affiliates of a group member). See the Membership Application form for precalculations of your personal share of the total membership fee.

FREE NETWORK REGISTRATION: In order to receive updates on the Gate2Growth Academic Network development and activities, please register at the TN Academic Network webpage (for free): http://www.gate2growth.com/academicnetwork.asp

REGISTRATION GUIDELINES: You can find more detailed information on the registration and the available service provider and innovation professional opportunities in the Service Provider User Guide (http://www.gate2growth.com/Content/Toolbox/Downloads/guide_serviceproviders.pdf). If you have questions about your registration for the Gate2Growth Academic Network or in the case you have not received any confirmation of your TN Academic Network registration yet, please contact the Network Secretariat!


APPLY FOR THE DOCTORAL TRACK 2006 (VLGMS, Ghent - NUBS, Nottingham - IESE, Barcelona) (WORD)


Disclaimers: The views expressed are purely those made by the author and may not in any circumstances be regarded as stating an official position of the European Commission. Although this information has as a sole purpose to grow the Gate2Growth Academic Network project and its audience, it shall neither be binding nor construed as constituting a commitment by the European Commission. Furthermore, the herein included timing and carrying out of project activities and events are subject to the general rules of the “Basic Contract” concluded between the contracting parties and the European Commission and valid only for the period in which the Gate2Growth Academic Network is supported by the EC services, i.e. for as long as the Basic Contract with the EC runs.



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