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Welcome to EIASM's Spring 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends of EIASM,

We are pleased to send you our Spring Newsletter, informing you of forthcoming activities such as EDEN seminars & EIASM conferences / workshops, as well as some upcoming events of the Associations supported by EIASM – EAA, EARIE, EDAMBA, EFA, EIBA, EMAC, EURAM, and EurOMA.

As always, the EIASM team remains at your disposal for any information or help you might need.

Enjoy the reading, hope you are inspired to participate (or forward the info to students and colleagues), and see you again next time with more EIASM news and events!

"The Perils and Promise of Transdisciplinary Research" - by Barbara Czarniawska

The European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) has launched its first Interdisciplinary Leader Award to acknowledge individuals who have made exemplary contributions in interdisciplinary research. Interdisciplinarity is needed to ensure that theory-building, empirical research, education and institution-building in management integrate knowledge and progress in an era of increasing specialization.

The new award is meant to honour the work of exemplary scholarship and/or institutional leadership. This may be shown in promoting specific cross-disciplinary streams of research, in developing new interdisciplinary theories or methods, in applying ideas, theories or methods from other sciences, in interdisciplinary education or pedagogical innovations, in applying interdisciplinary ideas in practice, in facilitating dialogue across disciplines or sciences, in exceptional service for academic societies or associations, or in serving as an example for others in promoting interdisciplinarity, diversity and/or pluralism across management studies.

The winner of the first EIASM Interdisciplinary Leader Award is Barbara Czarniawska (University of Gothenburg). She has made an impressive and groundbreaking career in advancing the use of narrative and discursive approaches to organization and management studies. Furthermore, she has served in key roles in academic associations and communities and become a role model for scholars all over the world.

The first EIASM Interdisciplinary Leader Award was presented to Barbara Czarniawska at EIASM’s Academic Council Meeting held in Brussels on April 3rd following her talk entitled “The Perils and Promise of Transdisciplinary Research” (of which an audio recording is available at the link


News from EIASM Academic Council Members

EIASM welcomes the following two new institutional members to its Academic Council:

Below is an announcement for the ERIM Summer School 2017:


We are happy to inform you that summer at ERIM begins with six short summer school courses. Registration is now open!

These advanced doctoral-level courses are open to graduate students (Research Master and PhD), researchers and professionals within and beyond the Netherlands, who want to improve their data analysis skills or competences in the specific field of knowledge.

Please note that the number of participants per course is limited, therefore we advise you to register as soon as possible.

For full details, course descriptions and dates, please visit our website at the link


Erasmus Research Institute of Management
ERIM Doctoral Office
Mandeville Building T06-07
+31 10 408 2259


EDEN Doctoral Seminars - Upcoming Deadlines


EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Social Network Analysis     
Paris, France, June 12-16, 2017
Application Deadline: Some places still available

This 7th EDEN seminar will introduce SNA theory, methods and techniques for doctoral students who aim at collecting, analyzing and visualizing network data for their research in diverse organizational settings and application areas.

Read more ...

EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Conceptual Paper Development & Theory Building in Management and Organizational Studies
Brussels, Belgium, June 26-29, 2017
New Application Deadline: April 30, 2017

Students will develop an understanding on developing theory and making valuable conceptual contributions. They will learn about the key elements of a theory, the approaches to build and to evaluate theory. More specifically, after the course students will be able to:

  • Identify and understand what constitutes a theory
  • Differentiate between different types of management theories
  • Develop their own conceptual frameworks and theories
  • Critically review and assess conceptual research papers
  • Develop improved analytical skills in crafting their own theory papers
  • Further develop their written and verbal presentation skills

Read more ...

EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Perspectives on Projects

Lille, France, August 21-23, 2017
Application Deadline: June 18, 2017

A forum for doctoral students in project management from Europe and around the world, where they can share experiences in studying project management, exchanging information such as:

  • research and theoretical paradigms appropriate for project management
  • research methodologies appropriate for research in project management
  • literature on project management to inform their studies

Read more ...

EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Building Models for Marketing Decisions
Groningen, Netherlands, August 28-September 1, 2017
Application Deadline: June 20, 2017

The seminar is intended for Ph.D. students and young scholars interested in the implementation of rigorous methods and techniques in marketing. Students and scholars participating at the seminar:

  • will be introduced to the model building process and be exposed to its most important steps, including specification, estimation, hypothesis testing and validation;
  • will be trained in designing and testing descriptive, predictive and normative models;
  • will be presented real case illustrations of the Marketing Science approach, all borrowed from the faculty’s most recent field experience;
  • will be exposed to time series analysis.

Read more ...       

EDEN CIMA Course on Doing Management Accounting Research: Towards Excellence
Stellenbosch, South Africa, September 13-15, 2017
Application Deadline: June 30, 2017
This course will focus on establishing the domain of management accounting as a topic for research.  As well as seeking to provide a grounding in the kinds of issues that typically comprise management accounting research a significant emphasis will be placed on developing an understanding the diversity of research approaches that may be undertaken in seeking to understand management accounting phenomena.  A key learning objective of the programme is to develop a sensitivity to issues of method and methodology that underpin the knowledge claims at stake in academic research in management accounting.

Read more ... 


EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Research Methods in Marketing and Management
Brussels, Belgium , October 2-6, 2017
Application Deadline: August 1, 2017
Read more ...                                 

EDEN Doctoral Seminar on How to Design your PhD
Brussels, Belgium, October 23-27, 2017
Application Deadline: September 8, 2017
Read more ... 

EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Advanced Strategic Management
Fontainebleau, France November 27 – December 1, 2017
Application Deadline: September 25, 2017
Read more ... 

EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Consumer Research
Brussels, Belgium, November 27-December 1, 2017       
Application Deadline: September 25, 2017
Read more ... 

EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Methods, Techniques and Theories in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Brussels, Belgium, December 4-8, 2017
Application Deadline: September 30, 2017
Read more ...         

EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Case Studies in Business and Management Research
Helsinki, Finland, December 4-9, 2017
Application Deadline: September 30, 2017
Read more ... 

EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Quantitative Empirical Research in Management Accounting
Brussels, Belgium, December 11-15, 2017
Application Deadline: October 5, 2017
Read more ...

EIASM Workshops & Conferences 2017 - Upcoming Deadlines

7th International Conference on Tourism Management and Related Issues 
Milan (Bocconi University), Italy - September 28-29, 2017
Submission Deadline: April 30, 2017

For this 2017 edition we invite contributions that focus especially, but not exclusively, on tourism, travel, leisure and hospitality management, with an emphasis on:

  • Destination management & marketing
  • Hospitality management
  • Congress management
  • Air transportation management
  • Antecedents of tourism collaboration
  • Archeological sites management
  • World Heritage and intangible cultural heritage management
  • Urban and regional tourism planning
  • Tourism policies
  • Inter-organizational dynamics (e.g., mergers and acquisitions, joint venture, strategic alliances, coopetitive strategies, etc.) in the tourism sector 
  • Tourism marketing
  • Renewable sources of energy and tourism 
  • Glocalisation: managing the global and the local in the tourism industry
  • Ecotourism and sustainable tourism development
  • ICT and tourism
  • Managing the skies: air transportation

New Special Tracks: 

  • Meetings, Convention and Event Management 
  • Big Data and Business Intelligence: Theory, Practice and Cases from Hospitality and Tourism

See more details HERE...

RENT 2017 – 31st Conference on Research in ENTrepreneurship
Lund, Sweden - November 16-18, 2017
Theme: “Relevance in Entrepreneurship Research”
Submission Deadline: May 15, 2017 (midnight CEST)

Over the years, the RENT conferences have been organised all around Europe. The conferences have covered a variety of topics in the field of entrepreneurship and small business. The papers have dealt with, e.g., Structures in Small Enterprises, SMEs in Developing and Transition Countries, Problems of Financing in SMEs, Growth and SMEs, Women in entrepreneurship, Teaching entrepreneurship and Training in Management in SMEs, …

This year, the Keynote Speakers are:

  • Johan Wiklund
  • Ester Barinaga
  • ​​Jan Erik Solem   

Click HERE for more details about the Keynotes. 

All abstracts will be reviewed using a double blind review process.

Read more about the RENT 2017 conference ...

NOTE: Details on the ECSB pre-events are available on the conference website.

12th Colloquium on Organizational Change and Development
Valencia, Spain - September 8-9, 2017
Theme: "Organizational Change and Development: Science, Art and Alchemy?"
Submission Deadline: May 22, 2017

One of the main aims of the 2017 OCD colloquium is to consider organizational change theory and practice from both art-based and science-based perspectives with a view to clarifying the nature, parameters and potential contribution of the subject area to the field of management. Given this aim, we would welcome papers which explore the subject of organizational change and development from a diverse range of perspectives. For example, the organizers would welcome contributions which consider the impact of emotions (such as employees’ readiness to change) on the efficacy of carefully constructed change interventions. Similarly, we would welcome contributions which examine how leaders within organizations have navigated their way through the conflicting demands of the technical requirements of a change intervention and the highly subjective considerations associated with the design and implementation of the intervention.  We anticipate that studies which analyse successful and unsuccessful change interventions may provide a particularly rich source of data to enable us to consider these types of topics.  
While the focus for this year’s event is placed on organizational change as science and art, we actively encourage a wide range of contributions which directly address issues relating to organizational change and development. 
More information HERE...

EIASM Workshops & Conferences 2017

13th Workshop on Family Firm Management Research
Bilbao, Spain - May 25-27, 2017

24th Innovation and Product Development Management Conference (IPDMC)
Reykjavik University, Reykjavik, Iceland - June 11-13, 2017
The associated doctoral workshop will take place on Saturday & Sunday, June 10 & 11, 2017.

IPDMC has established itself as the leading annual international conference in the domains of innovation management and new product development. It has become the focus of important networking among innovation and product development management researchers, for PhD students and junior faculty as well as senior faculty. It is the annual event for researchers in the field and serves as the annual meeting of a virtual society with participants enjoying coming back to meet colleagues. The ambiance is known as friendly and supportive.

The call for papers has attracted a large number of submissions. All abstracts have been reviewed using a double blind review process. The list of papers that have been selected is now available HERE.

The invited Keynote Speakers at the conference are :

  • Olafur Andri Ragnarsson, Computer Scientist and „futurist“ : with a presentation on what‘s around the corner in technology
  • Gloria Barczak, editor of JPIM : with a presentation on what‘s around the corner in innovation research
  • Ingi Rafn Sigurdsson, Karolina Fund : with a presentation on crowdfunding
  • Gudbjorg Heida Gudmundsdottir, Marel : with a presentation on innovation practice


11th Workshop on the Challenges of Managing the Third Sector
Belfast, UK - June 14-15, 2017

NEW - Workshop on Service Business Innovation: Implications on Governance Management Accounting and Control
Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy - June 29-30, 2017

7th Conference on Current Research in Taxation
Vienna, Austria - July 10-11, 2017

12th Colloquium on Organizational Change and Development
Valencia, Spain - September 8-9, 2017
Submission Deadline: May 22, 2017

9th Conference on Performance Measurement and Management Control
Nice, France - September 13-15, 2017  

This biennial conference has become the event at the forefront of knowledge in these areas. In 2015 close to 200 scholars presented and discussed more than 100 papers. Similar to other years, some of the most relevant papers of the 2015 conference were published in a book by Emerald Publishing. We expect to have a similar volume from the 2017 conference. We are also excited that this conference will feature several papers in advanced rounds of the Journal of Management Accounting Research Special Issue on Management Accounting Survey Research.

We will meet again to continue exploring and exchanging ideas on current and future trends in research and practice of performance measurement and management control.

13th Interdisciplinary Workshop on Intangibles and Intellectual Capital - Value Creation, Integrated Reporting and Governance.
Ancona, Italy - September 21-22, 2017

This event is intended to represent a new step in the EIASM long standing tradition in creating a forum for academic exchange on theoretical and empirical, qualitative or quantitative research in the area of Intangibles and Intellectual Capital. This Workshop will also provide an opportunity for investigating the value creation dynamics and deepening the subject areas of “Intangibles and Public Sector “ and “Intellectual Capital, Digitalisation and Information Systems” (see Special Tracks).

It is also the 1st EIASM Workshop devoted to a systematic reflection on the emerging issues linked to Integrated Reporting and Governance as well as on the relationships between and intangibles.

The submission deadline is June 15, 2017.
Read more... 

6th Workshop on Talent Management
Barcelona, Spain - October 2-3, 2017

This workshop is intended to continue growing a forum for academic exchange of conceptual and empirical (qualitative or quantitative) research in the area of talent management. The workshop has a strong developmental focus and as such encourages research which may be in progress as well as completed research.

The submission deadline is June 5, 2017.

14th Workshop on Corporate Governance 
with two new special tracks on: - "Governance of Digitization" &  "Responsible Board Leadership"
EIASM Brussels, Belgium - November 6-7, 2017

To create a unique forum for worldwide academic exchange of qualitative and quantitative reseaerch in the areas of International Corporate Governance, Strategic Direction and Control of Private and State Owned Companies as well as Not for Profit Organizations, HR Governance, Governance of Digitization and of Cyber Security as well as Responsible Board Leadership in a Glocal and Digital Age.

Research in all stages (PhD thesis, research in progress, and completed research) is welcome.

The submission deadline is July 1, 2017.

4th Workshop on Business Ethics
EIASM, Brussels, Belgium - November 9-10, 2017

The aim of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for scholars as well as practitioners to present and develop their research ideas. While there are no restrictions in regards to paper topics other than their relevance to business ethics and corporate responsibility, we particularly welcome contributions to the following sub-themes: Business and human rights, Political role and responsibility of corporations, Historic corporate social responsibility, ​Future directions in business ethics: Post-structural and post-foundational currents in business ethics. 

The submission deadline is September 5, 2017.

6th Reward Management Conference 
EIASM, Brussels, Belgium - December 7-8, 2017

This conference focuses on recent relevant academic research in the field of reward management. We seek submissions on topics related to the theme, but also other reward issues at all levels of analysis: theoretical, empirical, and case approaches are welcomed. The conference also serves as a bridge between academics and practitioners; we invite submissions written from either primary view or those with combination purposes. In addition to the academic programme, a number of reward professionals will also be invited to exchange ideas and stimulate the dialogue between researchers and practitioners. 

The submission deadline is September 15, 2017.

For peer review and publication opportunities see the website.

EAA Annual Congress 2017 & Other Activities

EAA 2017 - 40th Annual Congress
Dates: May 10-12, 2017
Location: Valencia Conference Centre, Valencia, Spain
Host: University of Valencia
Congress Chair: Begoña GINER

The European Doctoral Colloquium in Accounting 2017
Dates: May 6-9, 2017
Location: Parador El Saler, near Valencia, Spain

EAA-ARC – Accounting Research Center –
If you are looking for an event in accounting research – such as a doctoral course, a workshop, or a conference – please visit the EAA Accounting Research Center, the one-stop place for research resources and networking opportunities relevant for emerging scholars and others interested in accounting research.

EAA Newsletter
If you would like to learn about the latest developments within the European Accounting Association, why not take a few minutes to read the latest EAA Newsletter? Members and non-members alike can access this and previous issues on the EAA website.

EARIE Annual Conference 2017

EARIE 2017 – 44th Annual Conference of the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics
Dates: August 31 – September 2, 2017
Host / Location: Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (MUSBE), Maastricht, Netherlands
Submission Deadline:
The paper submission deadline has passed
Conference website: |

EDAMBA Activities

2017 EDAMBA Summer Research Academy
Athens, Greece, July 17-21, 2017
Application Deadline: Some seats still available

The general the aims of the EDAMBA Summer Research Academies are to:

  • provide a forum for dialogue on research paradigms and methodologies in the field of management and business research
  • allow participants to present their own research with a focus on its place in the research landscape in business and management
  • give young researchers means to motivate them to continue with their research and find a role and intellectual identity in today’s research landscape
  • build scholarly networks among young researchers from the various fields of management and business research

Participants will be given an opportunity to present their own projects and have feed-back from fellow doctoral students and from faculty. There will also be opportunity for consultations with faculty about issues in relation to methodology and theory in their projects.


2017 EDAMBA Annual Meeting & General Assembly
Venice, Italy, August 27-29, 2017

More information on the EDAMBA website:

EFA Annual Meeting & Doctoral Events 2017

EFA 2017 – 44th Annual Meeting of the European Finance Association
Dates: August 23-26, 2017
Host / Location: University of Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany
Submission deadline: February 1, 2017 – decision notifications were delivered on April 25th
Conference website: |  

The EFA 2017 Mannheim conference is preceded by two doctoral events...

EFA Doctoral Tutorial 2017
Date: August 23, 2017 – welcome dinner on Tuesday, August 22nd
Host / Location: University of Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany
Submission deadline: February 1, 2017 – decision notifications to be delivered by May 5th
Event website:

EFA Doctoral Workshop 2017  NEW!
Theme: New Frontiers in Finance – Insurance Markets 
Date: August 23, 2017 – welcome dinner on Tuesday, August 22nd
Host / Location: University of Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany
Submission deadline: April 18, 2017 – decision notifications to be delivered by the end of May
Event website:

(†) In memory of Engelbert Dockner (WU Vienna | EFA President 2016) who passed away on April 16, 2017. {Book of Condolences}

EIBA Annual Conference & Doctoral Events 2017

EIBA logo

EIBA 2017 – 43rd Annual Conference of the European International Business Academy
"International Business in the Information Age"
Dates: December 14-16, 2017
Host / Location: Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
Submission deadline: July 16, 2017
Conference website:  |  ♦  call for papers

EIBA 2017 Milan is preceded by two doctoral events...

31st EIBA Doctoral Tutorial
"The John H. Dunning Doctoral Tutorial in International Business"
Date: December 14, 2017
Host / Location: Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
Submission deadline: September 1, 2017

6th EIBA Doctoral Symposium
Date: December 14, 2017
Host / Location: Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
Submission deadline: September 1, 2017

EIBA 2017 Milan features several Paper Development Workshops (PDWs) & social events – details on the EIBA 2017 website...

International Business Perspectives
ISSN 2222-4785

The EIBAzine-IBP online newsletter (current and past issues) is available on the EIBA website (under Publications).

EMAC Annual Conference 2017 & Other Activities

EMAC Annual Conference & Doctoral Colloquium 2017

EMAC 2017 – 30th Doctoral Colloquium
Location: Groningen, Netherlands
Dates: May 21-23, 2017

EMAC 2017 – 46th Annual Conference
Theme: "Leaving Footprints"
Location: Groningen, Netherlands
Dates: May 23-26, 2017

Registration link

8th EMAC Regional Conference 2017
Theme: "Bridging the Marketing Theory/Practice Gap and Competitiveness of the New Europe"
Location: Timisoara, Romania
Dates: September 20-22, 2017

Submissions are closed. Notifications: mid-June 2017

EMAC 2018 - 47th Annual Conference
Location: University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK
Dates: May 29-June 1, 2018

More information coming soon...

Other Activities 2017

2nd EMAC Junior Faculty & Doctoral Student Research Camp
Location: University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Dates: August 31-September 1, 2017
Submission Deadline: April 30, 2017

For more information about the Junior Faculty & Doctoral Student Research Camp and application, click HERE.

EMAC Newsletter & Chronicle

The EMAC Newsletter
EMAC Members are invited to send their contributions for the monthly EMAC E-Newsletter to Anne-Laure Marteaux. Previous quarterly Newsletters are available on the EMAC website. As of September 2014, the EMAC E-Newsletter is sent each month to current EMAC members.

The EMAC Chronicle 
An annual publication aimed at informing EMAC members, potential members, and other stakeholders about the Academy's activities, as well as providing insightful views and articles on what is happening in the Marketing discipline. The EMAC Chronicle is also available on the EMAC website (under Publications).

EURAM Annual Conference 2017 & Other Activities

EURAM Annual Conference 2017
Theme: Making Knowledge Work
Dates: June 21-24, 2017
Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Conference website:

EURAM Doctoral Colloquium 2017
Dates: June 18-20, 2017
Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Event website:

For more information on the above events and others organised with EURAM's Strategic Interest Groups
– please consult the EURAM website at the link

For the EURAM Newsletter:

Follow us on:

EurOMA Annual Conference 2017 & Other Activities

EurOMA Annual Conference 2017

EurOMA 2017 – 24th International Annual EurOMA Conference 
"Inspiring Operations Management"
Date: July 1-6, 2017
Location: Edinburgh, UK

The EurOMA 2017 conference will be preceded by the following events...

  • 16th EurOMA Doctoral Seminar 
    July 1-2, 2017
  • 10th EurOMA Workshop on Journal Publishing in Operations Management
    July 2, 2017
  • 9th EurOMA Young Scholars' Workshop 
    July 3, 2017

8th EurOMA Summer School
"Achieving Competitive Advantage through Operations"

June 25-29, 2017
Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland

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