Title: Financial reporting evolution of polish listed companies on the worldwide background comparability issue
Congress: EAA 2003 Congress, Seville, Spain.
Venue: Arenal 1 room
Author: Mariusz Andrzejewski
Other Authors: Konrad Grabi ;Ski - - - -
Article: In this article financial reporting evolution of polish listed companies was presented. In the beginning existing accounting models were described and also methods of their classification. Additionally, international situation concerning this area of accounting was described as well as main trends existing nowadays.

Further polish accounting system was described, classified and ascribed to mixed model. The process of polish accounting system evolution since 1989 was presented on the worldwide background. It was stated that polish accounting model is in the process of rapid changes, however, objectives over the last decade was not constant. These objectives were set initially on continental model based primarily on ec directives, but afterwards they were changed and set on the model based on international accounting standards.

Then fundamental question of this article was posed if financial reports of listed companies from poland, france and uk are comparable to each other and how regulations applied in theses countries are related to international accounting standards. To investigate this issue the structures of financial reports of budimex s.a. (poland), renault (france) and j.d. wetherspoon (uk) were analyzed. Additionally the comparability of information included in financial reports having different origins was analyzed. The conclusion was that financial reports are not yet comparable and the reasons of affairs being were listed. Finally, it was indicated which requirements should be fulfilled in order to assure full comparability of financial reports of listed companies from france representing continental model, uk representing anglo-saxon model and poland.

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