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The co-chairs of the 4th EIBA DOCTORAL SYMPOSIUM (2015) are:

  • Jeremy CLEGG, Centre for International Business, Leeds University Business School (LUBS), University of Leeds, U.K.
  • Elizabeth (Yi) WANG, Leeds University Business School (LUBS), University of Leeds, U.K.


The main objective of the EIBA Doctoral Symposium is to provide an opportunity for young doctoral students in the field of International Business (IB) to potentially discuss their research plans and works-in-progress with a distinguished international Faculty as well as with their fellow students. A secondary purpose is to acquaint them with an international network of people, all linked to the IB field and EIBA.

Students whose papers are not selected or are not quite ready for the more forrmal and rigourous John H. Dunning Doctoral Tutorial in International Business are encouraged to nonetheless submit their research (by the deadline date communicated for the annual EIBA doctoral events, and according to the relevant posted guidelines) to be considered for acceptance to the EIBA Doctoral Symposium (DS) – both events typically scheduled to take place prior to the start of the EIBA Annual Conference.

The Symposium consists of several parallel 1½-2 hour sessions, monitored by a panel of 2-3 Faculty. Up to three students are allocated to each session and are asked to give a short presentation of their research work, after which they receive feedback from the Faculty panellists. (There is no winner or money prize linked with the EIBA Doctoral Symposium.)

Students participating in the EIBA doctoral events (free-of-charge) are expected to also attend the main conference – and are therefore required to register and pay for the EIBA Annual Conference. (Please note that the Doctoral Tutorial and Doctoral Symposium are closed and complimentary pre-conference events intended for fully-registered PhD student delegates who have previously applied for and been accepted to one of the EIBA doctoral events. There are lower conference registration fees available for PhD student delegates.)

ATTENTION: Submissions not accepted for the Doctoral Tutorial may be considered for the Doctoral Symposium; however, there is no implied guarantee of acceptance for any doctoral or other event (i.e., the final decisions rest solely with the respective event organisers).


The 4th EIBA Doctoral Symposium (DS) targeted towards International Business doctoral students is being organized in conjunction with the 41st Annual Conference of the European International Business Academy (EIBA). The 2015 DS will take place at the PUC-Rio facilities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Tuesday, December 1, 2015, prior to the official opening reception of the EIBA Annual Conference, and will be co-chaired by Jeremy Clegg and Elizabeth (Yi) Wang.

Students who are selected to participate in the DS will be requested to present a short paper about their thesis proposal – and are asked to submit any updated versions, if applicable, by October 31, 2015 (according to the formatting guidelines as listed below). Please note that all accepted students participating in this event must be fully registered for the EIBA 2015 Rio conference – this is a mandatory requirement.

The EIBA Doctoral Symposium welcomes thesis proposals from doctoral candidates who are at an early stage and are currently in the initial phases of defining their research design – including the selection of theories, methods and type/source of data, etc. Those at a more advanced stage may be interested in applying for the EIBA Doctoral Tutorial instead. (Please note that, if deemed appropriate by the Chairs, applications not accepted for the Doctoral Tutorial may instead be considered for the Doctoral Symposium.)

ATTENTION: The submission deadline for the main EIBA 2015 conference is April 30, 2015. (See www.eiba2015.org for more details.)

As the number of students accepted for the DS is limited, those interested in applying for this event are urged to send:

by May 31, 2015

  • a three-page abstract of your doctoral project (Times Roman 12 font, single line spacing, 3-page limit including any figures or tables, excluding references)
  • your CV in which you are requested to include:
    • the number of months (years) you have been working on your doctoral thesis
    • the name of your main thesis advisor

In line with the Doctoral Tutorial submission guidelines, applicants for the Doctoral Symposium should also divide their 3-page abstracts into the following sections in roughly the proportions shown below as a guideline:

  1. the central research question addressed (to include a brief statement of the topic – the topic must clearly relate to international business – and of the issue or problem that motivates the research) [10%];
  2. theory and literature review [20%];
  3. research design, data and methodology (to include hypotheses in the case of quantitative methods, and the methods of measurement and the generative questions that will guide grounded theory building in the case of those using qualitative methods) [30%];
  4. expected results and summary of the evidence of the study thus far (to include if applicable an outline of any preliminary findings) [20%];
  5. expected contribution and its significance to scholarship in the IB field [10%]; and
  6. conclusions, and remaining concerns or problems to be overcome [10%].

NOTE: If your thesis is made up of papers, it may make sense to introduce the theme and then to focus on one of the papers so that you can provide sufficient details.

The submission deadline is May 31, 2015.

The deadline (May 31, 2015) is over. Therefore it is no longer possible to submit.

Acceptance to the EIBA 2015 Doctoral Symposium (or Doctoral Tutorial) will be communicated by June 30, 2015.
ATTENTION: Selected students must confirm their participation by July 31, 2015.


Please CLICK HERE to download the programme of the 4th EIBA Doctoral Symposium.


Please CLICK HERE to download a document detailing instructions on preparing your presentation and on logistics.


Here is the schedule of transportation of DS participants to PUC-Rio on Tuesday morning, December 1:

01 Dec


Transfer Service - Doctoral Symposium



From / To

Pick Up time


Van 1

From Hotel Pestana to PUC-Rio


Morning Group

Van 2

From Hotel Everest Rio to PUC-Rio


Van 3

From Hotel  Marina Palace PUC-Rio







Van 1

From Hotel Pestana to PUC-Rio


Afternoon group

Van 2

From Hotel Everest Rio to PUC-Rio


Van 3

From Hotel  Marina Palace PUC-Rio







If participants want to leave PUC-Rio after the DS programme, they can do so on their own, since transportation back to hotels will be offered only after the opening reception in the evening.

There are plenty of taxis and buses outside the campus, so it would be easy for people to go wherever they want.


Ms. Marion HEBBELYNCK – EIASM Event Manager
Tel.: +32 2 226 66 60 - Fax: +32 2 512 19 29
Email: marion.hebbelynck@eiasm.be