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Professor Dana Minbaeva, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Associate Professor Sara Louise Muhr, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Professor Hugh Sculllion
Professor David Collings, Dublin City University, Ireland
Professor Vlad Vaiman, California Lutheran University, U.S.A. (Coordinating Chairperson)


Following on from the four highly successful Workshops on Talent Management that were held in Brussels in 2012 and 2013, Berlin in 2014, and Valencia in 2015, the 2016 Workshop is intended to continue providing a forum for academic debate on the rapidly growing field of talent management.

Talent Management is increasingly identified as a critical success factor in the corporate world yet academic research on the area has developed more slowly and despite the explosive growth of recent research it still lags behind practice. This workshop is designed to bring together leading and emerging scholars working from a range of disciplines in the area of talent management with the intention of developing theoretical and empirical work which can contribute to this rapidly emerging area of study.


To continue growing a forum for academic exchange of conceptual and empirical (qualitative or quantitative) research in the area of talent management. The workshop has a strong developmental focus and as such encourages research which may be in progress as well as completed research.


We invite papers from a wide range of disciplinary traditions that explore talent management issues from both theoretical and practical perspectives, and we encourage papers which are multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary in nature.

We welcome empirical papers from both qualitative and quantitative traditions. We would particularly welcome papers from regions and countries which have to date been underrepresented in debates on talent management.

Topics of interest (which are not inclusive) include the following:

  • The conceptual and intellectual boundaries of talent management
  • Theoretical models of talent management
  • Global talent management and the role of the corporate HR function
  • Demographic trends and talent management
  • The identification and evaluation of talent
  • The nature and operation of talent pools
  • Talent management and the global economic crisis
  • Talent management and career development
  • Talent management and ethics
  • Talent management in SME organizations
  • Talent management in not for profit organizations ( e.g., volunteer organizations)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and talent management
  • Talent Management in the Emerging Markets
  • Women and Talent Management
  • Employer branding and talent management
  • Knowledge Management and talent management
  • Talent Management and leadership
  • Talent management and innovation

The submission deadline is over


Please click HERE to download the workshop programme.


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Copenhagen Business School has hosted more than 50 international conferences with more than 100 participants over the last 5 years. With more than 20,000 students and 900 staff members, Copenhagen Business School today is among the largest business schools in Northern Europe and one of the eight universities in Denmark.

Using traditional fields within business economics and language as a starting point, CBS gives very high priority to cross-disciplinary and problem-orientated approaches. The school’s focus of research builds on its core strengths in innovation, open innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship, and the new area of design to create this cross-discipline innovation research.

With the distinctiveness of its diversity, Copenhagen Business School aims to become a world-leading business university with research – and teaching – excellence in classical management disciplines and in disciplines that place business in a wider social, political and cultural context.

Dating back to 1917, the many years of experience within the work of research, degree programmes and networks place CBS as an active and innovative participator in the global market.

Form an educational perspective, CBS offers world-class research-based degree programmes at the undergraduate, graduate and PhD levels as well as executive and other post-graduation education programmes. CBS fosters publication activities, participation in public debates, developing and sharing knowledge in partnership with other universities, enterprises and organisations and contributes to the development of business and society.

Copenhagen Business School has four locations, together called the CBS Campus: Solbjerg Plads, Dalgas Have, Kilen and Porcelænshaven. With all CBS’ activities grouped centrally in Frederiksberg, all buildings are within convenient walking distance of each other and easily accessible from the city centre by the metro.

The main complex completed in 2000 at Solbjerg Plads, the architecturally acclaimed building by architect Henning Larsen at Dalgas Have and Kilen (The Wedge), which was inaugurated in the beginning of 2006, all reflect the characteristic Scandinavian style. In 2006 Kilen (The Wedge) was awarded Royal Institute of British Architects Award.


Copenhagen is the main hub for all air travel in Northern Europe. Its stunning international airport is one of the newest in Europe, and serves all the major airlines of the world. For 5 consecutive years, it has been voted the best airport in Europe. From the airport it takes just 14 minutes to reach the city centre by train or metro, and 20 minutes to reach Copenhagen Business School

With the Metro line now going from Copenhagen International Airport to CBS, Conference participants can move swiftly and easily into the heart of the city. We have chosen hotels within walking distance from various metro stations.

In the past decade Copenhagen has been among the ten most popular congress cities in the world and has many years of experience in hosting and transporting large numbers of people in and out of its airport. Its history of openness and willingness to share knowledge and resources with others has proved to facilitate the work of arranging congresses



The Venue for the conference is :

Copenhagen Business School - The Wedge 
(located in Frederiksberg close to the beautiful Frederiksberg Gardens)
The visiting address is: 
Kilen, KILEVEJ 14 A,

The Workshop will start on Monday October 3 and will end around 5pm on the following day.


A list of hotels is available HERE


The fees include participation to the workshop, documents, lunches, the workshop dinner and morning and afternoon refreshments

For participants affiliated with an institution that is member or associate member of the EIASM's
Academic Council
350,00 € (including 70,00 € VAT)
For participants coming from another academic institution 437,50 € (including 87,50 € VAT)

Cancellations made before September 5, 2016 will be reimbursed minus 20% of the total fee. No reimbursement will be possible after that date.

Payments should be made by :

  • The following credit cards: Visa or Eurocard/Mastercard/Access




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