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Frank MOERS - Maastricht University, the Netherlands

Breda SWEENEY - University of Galway, Ireland

Michael WILLIAMSON - University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, U.S.A.


Developments in the practice of and research on management accounting continue. Many organisations are attempting to change their existing, or implement new and innovative, management accounting systems and practices, based on new management accounting and business ideas, strategies, technologies, structures, processes, operative locations, and information and societal changes. A number of new challenging objects of planning, control and measurement have recently emerged, including technological disruption, networks of organisations, environmental and organizational sustainability, and post-pandemic shifts in working arrangements. The roles and designs of budgeting systems appear to be changing and the significance of performance management and measurement in many variations is increasing, not least in the area of HR and more recently sustainability. While much of this innovation and implementation concentrates on new costing or performance management or measurement systems and practices, there are also changes related to the roles of management accountants in organisations. Current developments such as those outlined above provide many new and exciting opportunities for innovative management accounting research, and for a fruitful integration of existing accounting knowledge and the currently emerging practice issues. There are indications of increased collaboration between researchers and practitioners in the spirit of engaged scholarship, too.


The purpose of this conference, like its thirteen predecessors, is to examine innovative management accounting practices and innovative ideas about how to conduct research on them.

The conference will consist of plenary sessions and research paper presentations.


Margaret CHRIST
Terry College of Business
University of Georgia, USA


Department of Accounting,
Bocconi University, Italy

Darden School of Business
University of Virginia, USA




Submission of papers that deal with innovative management accounting practices, theories, or research methods are particularly relevant to this conference. For reference, papers on the following types of issues are welcomed warmly:


  • innovative management accounting practices in particular parts of the world
  • management accounting in new organizational designs (e.g., flat, horizontal, hybrid, matrix, network, platform, virtual, team)
  • management accounting systems for artificial intelligence, big data, enterprise resource planning systems, e-commerce, digitalized data interchange, electronic meetings, customer relationship management, and supply chain management
  • value chain and inter-organizational accounting
  • new management accounting techniques, processes and information
  • linkages between competitive strategy, sustainable and responsible activity, and management accounting
  • integration and disintegration of management accounting
  • challenges of globalization for management accounting
  • changing roles of management accountants in organizations
  • information about what practitioners expect management accounting researchers to do


  • role of social sciences and other theoretical perspectives in researching innovative practices
  • comparative analyses of various theoretical approaches
  • new theories for researching innovative practices
  • ways of improving the relevance, validity, and reliability of theory-based empirical research
  • role of research design in management accounting studies
  • research method issues in researching innovative practices
  • innovative ways of conducting management accounting research

Completed papers intended for presentation at the conference

should be submitted through the conference web site


6 September, 2024  
(8am CET )


Click  HERE  to submit


Guidelines to submit:
12-point font
Single spaced
Maximum file size of 2048 KB

The papers will be considered for presentation at concurrent sessions by the Programme Committee, and a response will be given by 30 September 2024.

Authors will be asked to act as discussants for the other paper in their assigned session at the Conference.

There will be an opportunity to upload revised version of accepted papers one time up until 29th November.




Will  take place in the premises of 

Bocconi University 

Milan - Italy



The event will begin at 13:00 (registration will open at 12:00) on Monday 16th December and conclude by 14:30 on Wednesday 18th December.


Will be posted soon.


Ms. Graziella Michelante - EIASM Conference Manager
EIASM - Rue Fossé  aux Loups 38 - 1000 Brussels - BELGIUM
Tel: +32 2 226 66 62 
Email: michelante@eiasm.be