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Leif MELIN & Mattias NORDQVIST (Jönköping International Business School, Sweden)

Jean-Luc ARREGLE and Philippe VERY (EDHEC Business School , Nice, France)


Family business research has grown fast in both scale and scope over the past decade. Interestingly, most of the recent comparative research between family and non-family firms has concluded that family firms seem to outperform non-family firms on many performance ratios. Naturally, this result puts a positive image on family firms that were not as much considered previously. These findings deserve more research and analysis to understand and disentangle the sources of family firm’s competitiveness.  

The two first workshops held in Jönköping in 2005 and in Nice in 2006 have given us a new arena for gathering and discussing current research on the management of family firms. This third workshop intends to build on the success of the earlier workshops and further expand the horizon for future research. We hope that it will be a unique opportunity for researchers to share their experiences, give feedback on each other’s work and to form new research collaborations. In short, we aim to strengthen family firm research, and thereby contribute to the development of knowledge in family firm management and development. The workshop has a tradition to attract well-known scholars from related fields to share their interests and perspectives on family firm management. The first workshop featured Professor David Whetten and the second Professor Danny Miller and Isabelle LeBreton-Miller. We are proud to present the key note speakers of the third workshop. 


1. G.T (Tom) Lumpkin, Texas Tech University, TX
“Entrepreneurial Orientation and Family Firms”

2. Bill Schulze, Utah University
'Family Business Research'


The workshop programme will already start on Sunday June 3 in the evening with registration and an informal welcome drink. The academic part of the workshop will however begin on Monday June 4 in the morning and end on Tuesday June 5 in the afternoon.

Please CLICK HERE for the Workshop Programme.

Please contact Audrey O'Connor with any queries.


Chairpersons Leif Melin & Mattias Nordqvist will guest edit a special issue of the Entrepreneurship and Regional Development: An International Journal” on the theme “Entrepreneurial families and family firms”. We especially encourage authors of papers for the workshop’s category 1 to submit their contributions to this ERD Special Issue. 

The Special Issue has an open call, but the EIASM Workshop offers a possibility to receive initial feedback on a paper before submitting it to the Special Issue. To be considered for publication in the special issue, revised manuscript must be received by September 24, 2007. For more information about the special issue, please visit www.cefeo.se or contact the guest editors.


Please click here to download the list of Accepted Papers.


  1. “Family firms” are defined as family-controlled (ownership) or family managed firms. Only papers dealing with at least one of these populations are welcomed

Four categories of research are of interest for the workshop:

1) Conceptual and empirical research focusing on the specific sub-theme of “Entrepreneurial families and   
 family firms” (see special issue call for paper above). We seek papers that can contribute significantly to    
our knowledge about the entrepreneurial activities of families and in family firms. Possible topics are:
- The role of family for supporting and financing new ventures
- The family as a context of specific values, norms and networks and how these may facilitate or  constrain entrepreneurial activities
- How the owner-family maintains and transmits an entrepreneurial spirit and capacity  across generations
- The family institution as a promoter or barrier to regional and national entrepreneurial growth 
- Historical accounts of the entrepreneurial role of families in the emergence of industries and enterprising  regions
- Processes and outcomes of corporate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial orientation in family and non-family firms as well as in different types of family firms
- The family firm as metaphor for overlapping territories (e.g. the family, the firm and the ownership; or the public and the private), and its role for entrepreneurship

2) Review of the family business research field: state-of-the-art papers that allow to discuss the knowledge already acquired and the main challenges to address in future research.  Review papers should focus on a main theme within the general family business field, such as corporate governance, strategic management, human resource management, corporate entrepreneurship, gender or professional management etc.

3) Research that contributes to refining general theories. As David Whetten concluded at the first 2005 workshop in Jönköping, researchers often borrow theories from the field of management/ organization studies, apply them to family firms, but they often neglect to explain what their findings bring to the larger field. We will welcome papers that use the family firm context for contributing to the development of general concepts and theories. Comparisons between family and non-family firms, but also between different types of family firms should belong to this category.

4) Empirical research focusing on a topics specific to family firms. For instance :
- survival and performance over generations,
- specific competitive advantages of family-firms
- interactions between the family and the firm and their impact on management
- governance, decision-making and strategizing processes at the top
- succession of ownership and leadership

The cover page should be a separate sheet to include the following information:
- The title of the proposal.
- Each author's name, his/her affiliation, address, telephone, fax and email.

The body of each proposal is an abstract of  1,5-2 pages (cover page not included).

All proposals should be single spaced, typed no smaller than 11 point font.
In the abstract, four categories of information must be clearly highlighted :

- the purpose / topic of the research
- the research method
- the theories used
- the contribution of the research


Abstracts should be submitted by 9th March, 2007.

Authors will be notified of the chair's decisions by Monday 2 April.

Full Papers are due by 10th May, 2007.



The workshop will be held at the Jönköping International Business School, Sweden.

Detailed information on how to get to the university: http://www.ihh.hj.se/doc/1783


The city of Jönköping is situated at the Southern tip of the lake Vättern, 300 kms from Stockholm and 350 kms from Copenhagen.

Click HERE for a detailed city map.

The Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) lies right in the heart of Jönköping, a 10 minute walk from the train station or 10 minutes by taxi from the Jönköping Axamo airport.

By plane or train via the main gateways Stockholm or Copenhagen

Although Gothenburg, Landvetter airport is the closest airport with frequent international connections, the public transportation between Gothenburg airport and Jönköping is somewhat complicated.
If anyone is coming via Gothenburg, please contact Britt Martinsson , at britt.martinsson@ihh.hj.se with any queries.

Flight information: Skyways web site: www.skyways.com

On Sunday, June 3, there is only one flight connection that will get you to Jonkoping in time and that is from Copenhagem with departure at 5.20 p.m, arrival 6.05pm.
There are several flights from Europe to Landvetter airport at Gothenburg, but the cost for a taxi to Jonkoping is approx. SEK 1500 one way.

There are several train connections from Kastrup airport in Copenhagen to Jonkoping.
On Sunday, June 3 there are departures at around 09.15, 10.30, 11.30 etc. The trip takes about 3,5 hours.

On Tuesday, June 5, there is one flight from Jonkoping to Copenhagen at 6.35 p.m and two flights to Stockholm, one leaving at 4 p.m and one at 6.40 p.m. There are several flights from Landvetter/Gothenburg to Europe.

Train information: SJ web site: www.sj.se

Here is a useful link to know more about the city of Jonkoping :

Local Weather: http://www.weatherunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=jonkoping+sweden


We recommend three centrally located hotels (All hotel are a max. 10 minute walking distance from the university).

**Please contact the hotel directly to make your reservation, mentionning EIASM**

First Hotel Klosterkungen
Rate: From 775 SEK, single room per night (approx. €84)
Klostergatan 28
Phone: +46 36 10 08 00
Fax: +46 36 12 94 01
E-mail: info@klosterkungen.se
Web: www.firsthotels.se

Comfort Hotel Victoria
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Elite Stora Hotellet
Rate: From 875 SEK, single room per night (approx. €95)
Phone: +46 36 10 00 00
Fax. +46 36 215 50 25
E-mail: info.jonkoping@elite.se
Web: www.jonkoping.elite.se

For information about other hotel alternatives or travelling issues, please e-mail the local workshop assistant
Britt Martinsson , at britt.martinsson@ihh.hj.se.




Fees will be posted shortly

Cancellations made before May 25, 2007 will be reimbursed minus 20% of the total fee. No reimbursement will be possible after that date.

Payments should be made by :

  • The following credit cards: Visa or Eurocard/Mastercard/Access




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