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Jönköping International Business School,
Center for Family Enterprise and Ownership - CeFEO


Leif Melin (chair), Anna Blombäck, Ethel Brundin, Francesco Chirico, Annika Hall, Jenny Helin and Mattias Nordqvist
(Centre for Family Enterprise and Ownership, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden)


Cristina Cruz
(Instituto de Empresa Business School, Spain)
"The yin and yang of family business: A socioemotional wealth perspective".

Prof. Dr. Arist von Schlippe
(Chair of Leadership and Dynamics in Family Business
Witten/Herdecke University, Germany)
"Taming the beautiful family-business-beast - family strategy over generations"


The EIASM Workshop on Family Firm Management Research has become one of the most important venues for scholars to gather and discuss current research on the family businesses in Europe and beyond. The 8th annual EIASM Workshop, is organized and hosted by Jönköping International Business School, in Sweden where the workshop was founded in 2005. The 8th workshop continues the tradition of successful academic events that have been created at the previous meetings in Jönköping (2005 & 2007), Nice (2006), Naples (2008), Hasselt (2009), Barcelona (2010) and Witten (2011). Like the previous workshops, the 8th EIASM workshop will attract a large number of established and emerging scholars from family business research and related fields to share their interest and perspectives on family firm management. The workshop will surely provide great opportunities for researchers to share their experiences, give feedback on each other’s work and to form new research collaborations.


CLICK HERE for the detailed program of the event. 


Special workshop theme: “The Family Business: A Beauty or a Beast?”
While having a rich and diverse history based in the practice, family business scholarship has been growing remarkably during recent years. A theme that has intrigued both practitioners and researchers throughout the history of the field is to what extent and under what circumstances the family business represents a “good” or a “bad” type of business organization. Is the family business a beauty? Or is it a beast? Early influential contributions to the family business history, such as Levinson (1971), as well as seminal work in business history (Chandler, 1977), depicted the family business as a beast. This view is also common in research on ‘family capitalism’ (e-g. Morck and Yeung, 2003). However, other more recent work drawing on e.g. the ‘familiness’ (Habbershon and Williams, 1999; Sirmon and Hitt, 2003) or the stewardship (Corbetta and Salvato, 2004; Miller and LeBreton-Miller, 2005) have focused mainly on the beauty of the family business. Interestingly, there is now a tendency in the literature to seek reconciliation between these two positions, or the duality of the family business as beautiful or ugly, e.g. under the concept of socio-emotional wealth (Gomez-Mejia et al., 2007; 2011) or the combination of a stewardship and stagnation perspective (Miller, LeBreton-Miller and Lester, 2010).

During the 8th EIASM Workshop on Family Firm Management we want to encourage scholars to address the family business as good or bad, as beautiful or ugly from new and creative perspectives. For instance, we seek contributions that can form the base for an emerging aesthetics perspective on the family business. Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that deals with ideas and concepts related to ‘the beautiful’, ‘the ugly’, ‘the sublime’, ‘the comic’, the ‘sacred’, the ‘joyful’, the ‘graceful’ etc. Traditionally aesthetics has been applicable to the fine arts, literature, architecture and the like. But aesthetics has also gained terrain in the management and organizational theory literature (e.g. Linstead & Höpfl, 2000; Strati, 1992). We believe that an aesthetics perspective, whether based on the management discipline or theoretical and empirical resources from other disciplines may inspire our family business research community to think about the family business as a beauty or a beast in new and hopefully valuable ways.

We invite papers that address different aspects of the conference theme, including
   - how, why and when the family business is a good, or a bad type of business organization (including their financial and non-financial performance, and/or the implications of assumptions inherent in various theoretical perspectives),
   - how family businesses have been portrayed in published research and/or various media (e.g. by using a discourse lens),
   - how family businesses are portrayed in the arts, such as fiction literature, movies, bibliographies, plays etc., employee perspectives on family businesses, political and sociological perspectives on family firm management.

While submission of papers related to the main theme - the family business a beauty or a beast - are particularly encouraged, the workshop continues its tradition to accept papers relevant to any area of family firm management and which add value to the development of the family business research field, including:
   - literature review papers focusing on the family business field:
   - state-of-the-art papers that allow discussing the knowledge already acquired and the main challenges to address in   future research,
   - papers that use the family firm context for contributing to the development of general management concepts and theories - comparisons between family and non-family firms, but also between different types of family firms belong to this category,
   - papers that draws on sophisticated and rigorous analysis of empirical data (both qualitative and quantitative papers are welcomed).


To submit your final paper please follow the uploading procedure from the notification e-mail that EIASM sent you upon acceptance.



The proposal is composed by a cover page and the body of the proposal. Please note that the proposal has to be submitted online as ONE document!
The COVER PAGE should be a separate sheet including the following information:
- Title
- Each Author’s name, his/her affiliation, address, telephone, fax, e-mail
The BODY of the proposal will consist of an abstract of 2 pages (cover page not included)
- All proposals should be single spaced, 11 point font, Times new roman or similar.
- The Abstract should include:
   o Purpose/topic of research
   o Research method
   o Theories used
   o Contribution of research


Proposal Submission: 1 March 2012
Author Notification: as of 20 March 2012
Registration for authors: 
30 April 2012
Final Papers: 30 April 2012 


The International Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA) will grant an Award for the best research paper, which involves a complimentary membership for one year for all authors of the paper, and a free registration at the next IFERA World Family business Conference for one of the authors. The IFERA best research paper is selected based on the following criteria: Relevance for the workshop theme, and quality of the paper.



The workshop will be organized in the premises of Jönköping International Business School in Jönköping. The Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) lies right in the heart of Jönköping, a 10 minutes walk from the train/bus station or 10 minutes by taxi from the Jönköping Axamo airport.
Website: www.jibs.se , www.cefeo.se  

Please make your hotel reservation via Email or phone. The hotel rooms at the price mentioned below will only be held until April 30, 2012. So make your reservations in time. Important – Don’t forget to give either the group booking number or, as the first hotel requires, the reservation code. Please, book preferably by email or phone as the online book-system is in Swedish.
Comfort Hotel
783 SEK single room
959 SEK double room
Reservation code: EIASM
Email: co.jonkoping@choice.se  
Phone: 0046 36-10 08 00
Hotel Victoria
895 SEK per room
Group booking nr: 87590
Email: cc.victoria@choice.se
Phone: 0046 36 712800
Best Western John Bauer Hotel
795 SEK single room
895 SEK double room
Group booking nr: G408673
Email: hotellet@johnbauer.se  
Phone: 0046 36-34 90 00
Elite Stora Hotellet
950 SEK per room
Group booking nr: 709606
Email: info.jonkoping@elite.se  
Phone: 0046 36-10 00 00


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The fees include participation to the :
 - workshop/conference/seminar
 - tutorial documents
 - lunches
 - the workshop/conference/seminar dinner
 - morning and afternoon refreshments

For participants affiliated with an institution that is member or associate member of the EIASM's
Academic Council
300,00 € (VAT Exempt)
For participants coming from another academic institution 390,00 € (VAT Exempt)

Cancellations made before May 14, 2012 will be reimbursed minus 20% of the total fee. No reimbursement will be possible after that date.

Payments should be made by :

  • The following credit cards: Visa or Eurocard/Mastercard/Access




Ms. Cristina Setyar - EIASM Conference Manager
Tel: +32 2 226 66 69 - Fax: +32 2 512 19 29
Email: setyar@eiasm.be