EFA Online JobMarket

As part of the EIASM network, the European Finance Association (EFA) offers its online JobMarket as a free bulletin board service designed for recruiting young scholars (PhDs and PhD candidates, assistant professors, associate and full professors, etc.) whose chosen specialisations lie within the greater field of Finance.

The goal of the EFA JobMarket is to provide public internet access to relevant employment opportunities (mainly but not exclusively within the realms of higher education and research institutions) with the aim of facilitating and finding good matches between prospective employers and potential employees (especially young professionals).

Recruiters (universities, research institutions, private companies, individuals, etc.) may post on the EFA JobMarket site free-of-charge (in PDF) their job opportunities with descriptions of current and upcoming openings. The only prerequisite is to have or create a user profile in the EIASM database (at no cost) in order to be recognised within the EIASM network. (Please visit the EIASM website at www.eiasm.org for details on how to login and create / update a personal profile.)

Candidates seeking employment should already hold a PhD degree or be close to defending a PhD dissertation. If interested in a job that's posted, unless otherwise stipulated (by the prospective employer), candidates should be prepared to provide a CV (in PDF) specifying the name of their school or institution, the date of (expected) graduation, fields of interest, a current e-mail address, and the names and coordinates of at least three references. Serious candidates should also consider having job market papers ready for inspection (e.g., published articles or letters of interest / intent) – preferably accessible online via their personal or professional websites.

NOTE: Due to heightened internet security regulations and privacy restrictions, those seeking jobs are no longer able to register or post their CVs online on this public JobMarket site.

[Please refer to the EIASM Privacy Statement for information regarding the use of your Profile and the potential risks of posting documents such as CVs on the Internet.]