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Dear EIASM Friends,


At EIASM, we believe that Interdisciplinarity is needed to ensure that theory-building, empirical research, education and institution-building in management integrate knowledge and progress in an era of increasing specialization. This is essential to further develop management as a field that is able to advance theoretically, to provide relevant knowledge for students and practitioners, and to ultimately help to deal with the grand and highly complex challenges of contemporary society. 

You will find in this newsletter the call for nominations for the 6th EIASM Interdisciplinary Leader Award.

Cooperation is a must: we have enhanced the benefits for Universities and Business Schools of being EIASM Academic Council members – if your institution is not yet a member, just take a look at the advantages of being part of this fabulous community!

The annual EIASM Academic Council Meeting provides an important opportunity to bring together representatives of the member Schools and Universities as well as major sister Association representatives – to develop a shared approach towards advanced studies and research in management, and discuss what we can do together better and what EIASM can do differently. 

The next EIASM Academic Council meeting will be held in Palazzo Butera, Palermo, on 11 & 12 April 2024.  

Through this edition, we wanted to provide you with both feedback on events from recent months and to announce future projects and events.

As always, the EIASM Board and Staff remain fully at your service. EIASM continues to be an integral service hub for developing and sustaining collaborative networks of European management scholars and institutions.

Never hesitate to contact us for the development of your projects.


– Jérôme Chabanne-Rive
EIASM Executive Director

4 new EIASM Board Members

new board members 2023


During EIASM’s Board meeting on February 14, 2023, the Board Members' Council has appointed:

as members of the EIASM Board, for a three-year term starting September 1, 2023.

The European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management is very pleased with their acceptance and their future contributions.

Know more on EIASM Board members: link


6th EIASM Interdisciplinary Leader Award - Call for Nominations


The EIASM Interdisciplinary Leader Award has been established to acknowledge individuals who have made exemplary contributions in interdisciplinary research.

EIASM believes that Interdisciplinarity is needed to ensure that theory-building, empirical research, education and institution-building in management integrate knowledge and progress in an era of increasing specialization. This is essential to further develop management as a field that is able to advance theoretically, to provide relevant knowledge for students and practitioners, and to ultimately help to deal with the grand and highly complex challenges of contemporary society.

The EIASM Board calls for nominations for the 6th EIASM Interdisciplinary Leader Award to be made by email to EIASM’s Executive Director, Prof. Jerome Chabanne-Rive (, by December 31, 2023. Nominations should include a letter from the main nominator together with at least two letters of support from other nominators.


EDEN Programme - Specific newsletter & upcoming seminars

Coming soon…News about EDEN seminars

EIASM’s Doctoral Education Network (EDEN) supports and complements existing PhD programmes. Its varied, internationally-oriented, and knowledgeable faculty provides guidance and methodological assistance during intensive and interactive seminars. EDEN is based on an integrated set of doctoral seminars designed to bring participants into systematic academic interaction, leading them to compare their individual approaches, cross-examine their own research work and develop their international networks.

The EDENews by EIASM is a new initiative that aims to keep our community informed about the EDEN seminar programmes through a newsletter sent out every quarter of the year. The first edition will be out in December and will include detailled information about upcoming EDEN seminars, interesting facts about recent seminars and much more. Stay tuned! 

All students who recently started their PhDs might benefit from subscribing to EIASM. Link here. We kindly ask you to share this information with them and with any other colleagues who might be intersted.  


2023 - Upcoming EDEN Seminars

► EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Developing Grounded Theory
A Practical Workshop
Online, November 13-15, 2023
Faculty: Branko Božič - NEOMA Business School, France

► EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Sustainability Accounting
Brussels, Belgium, November 20-24, 2023
Faculty: Matias Laine - Tampere University, Finland, Carlos Larrinaga - University of Burgos, Spain, Giovanna Michelon - University of Bristol, UK, Brendan O’Dwyer - University of Amsterdam Business School, The Netherlands

► EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Consumer Research
Brussels, Belgium, November 27 - December 1, 2023
Faculty: Bart De Langhe - Vlerick Business School & KU Leuven, Belgium  (Programme Coordinator), Simona Botti - London Business School, UK, Özlem Sandıkcı - University of Glasgow, UK, Luk Warlop - BI Norwegian Business School, Norway

► EDEN Advanced Doctoral Seminar on Case Studies in Business and Management Research
A joint EIASM - KATAJA collaboration
Helsinki, Finland, December 4-9, 2023
Faculty: Rebecca Piekkari - Aalto University School of Business, Finland (Programme Coordinator), Catherine Welch - Trinity College Dublin, Ireland  

► EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Experimental Research Design
Brussels, Belgium, December 18-20, 2023
Faculty: Bob Fennis - University of Groningen, The Netherlands

2024 - upcoming deadlines

► EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Research Methodology in Operations Management
Brussels, Belgium, January 29-February 2, 2024
Faculty: Rui Sousa - Catolica Porto Business School, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa, Portugal (Programme Coordinator), Pär Åhlström - Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden, Marco Formentini - University of Trento, Italy, Cipriano Forza - University of Padova, Italy, Jan Fransoo - Tilburg University, The Netherlands, Maximiliano Udenio - KU Leuven, Belgium
Application deadline: December 2nd, 2023

► EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Generating Managerially & Societally Impactful Research Ideas (4th Edition)
Online, February 21 - March 20, 2024 (5 days spread over 5 weeks)
Faculty: Elio Keko - Ghent University, Belgium (Program Coordinator), Elke Cabooter - IESEG School of Management, France, Stefan Stremersch - IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain
Application deadline: January 8th, 2024

► EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Boards, Governance and Society
Barcelona, Spain, March 18-22, 2024
Faculty: Jonas Gabrielsson - School of Business, Innovation and Sustainability, Halmstad University, Sweden, Wafa Khlif  - Department of Management Control, Accounting and Auditing, TBS Education, Barcelona, Spain (Program Coordinators), Hans van Ees - University of Groningen, The Netherlands, Patricia Gabaldon - IE Business School Madrid, Spain, Morten Huse - BI Norwegian Business School, Norway, Yuliya Ponomareva - Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain, Alessandro Zattoni - LUISS University Rome, Italy
Application deadline: December 15th, 2023

Report on the 20th Anniversary Workshop on Corporate Governance



The 20th Workshop on Corporate Governance of the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management has been held at the University of St Gallen, Switzerland on 9 and 10 October 2023.

The workshop was attended by 28 participants from 16 different countries, who presented 24 papers on a wide range of topics – both quantitative and qualitative. There were four tracks at the workshop: strategic direction, responsible board leadership, HR governance and strategic control.

There were three keynote addresses. Michael Segalla from HEC Paris presented on “Corporate Governance of Digital Ethics”. Peter Crow, a Chartered Director & Board Educator from New Zealand presented on “Towards better corporate governance: Insights from Australasia”, and Tomas Casas Klett from the University of St. Gallen and ICfCG in Shanghai presented on “Sustainable value creation through corporate governance”.

The track on strategic direction included papers on voting in director elections, earnings management, green bonds in the emerging capital markets, ethics of managing people’s data and artificial intelligence.

The track on responsible board leadership included papers on diversity and dependence, perceived responsibility among managers, behavioural governance, incentives, remuneration and philanthropic contributions, cyber security and gender issues.

The track on HR governance focused on the topics of CEO and board characteristics and the impact on ESG performance as well as ownership proficiency.

The track on strategic control included papers on computer-aided text analysis, the balanced scorecard, performance governance, gender and valuation of family firms, private equity investments and the prohibition of the provision of tax services by statutory auditors.

At the workshop, a special tribute was paid to Prof Martin Hilb, the founder of the Workshop and coordinating chairperson since its inception. Tokens of appreciation from the EIASM and a special booklet compiled by the co-chairs were handed over after he provided an overview of his contribution in the area of  “New Corporate Governance”.
A copy of the special booklet can be downloaded here.

The 21st Workshop on Corporate Governance will be hosted by Trinity Business School (Trinity College Dublin) in October 2024 . 

- Prof. Daniel Malan



Report on the 12th EIASM Workshop on Talent Management




The 12th EIASM Workshop on Talent Management was held in Lyon at the iaelyon School of Management on October 2-3, 2023. 32 participants attended the workshop and presenting 25 papers on a variety of topics around Talent Management. Participants came from a wide variety of countries including the US, Canada, Australia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Jamaica, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, and many more!

The keynote speaker was Vincent Belot representing the Michelin Group’s “Leadership Academy”, a part of the Manufacture des Talents Department of the Michelin Group.

The next (13th) EIASM Workshop on Talent Management will be held in Luxembourg, at the Kirchberg Campus of the University of Luxembourg on September 30th – October 1st, 2024. 




EIASM Workshops & Conferences - Upcoming Events & Deadlines

2023 events

 RENT 2023 - “Taming Uncertainty”
Gdansk, Poland, November 15-17, 2023

► 8th EIASM Workshop on Managing Arts and Cultural Organizations
Innsbruck, Austria, November 30 – December 1, 2023
Chairs: Luca Zan - University of Bologna, Italy, Martin Piber and Michael Habersham - University of Innsbruck, Austria

EIASM Accounting Forum on Qualitative Research in North American Journals
Online, Next edition: December 7th, 2023
Chairs: Thomas Ahrens - United Arab Emirates University, UAE, Matt Bamber - York University, Canada, Christie Hayne University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA & ​Crawford Spence - King’s College London, United Kingdom

2024 events (provisional)

► EDAMBA-EIASM Consortium on Doctoral Supervision
Barcelona (San Cugat), Spain - January 10-12th, 2024 
Chairs: Dimitris Assimakopoulos - Burgundy School of Business, France & Vaasa University, Finland & EDAMBA, Pierre Batteau, Aix en Provence – Marseille University, France, Søren Smedegaard Bengtsen, Department of Educational Philosophy and General Education Danish School of Education (DPU) Aarhus University, Denmark, Eduard Bonet - ESADE Business School, Spain, François Collet - ESADE Buisness School, Spain, Geraldine Doyle, University College Dublin Smurfit School of Business, Ireland & EIASM President, Cristina Gimenez - ESADE Business School, Spain & Luigi de Luca, Cardiff University Business School, United Kingdom.
Registration deadline: November 30th, 2023

► EIASM Accounting Forum on Qualitative Research in North American Journals
Online March - June, 2024 (dates to be confirmed)
Chairs: Thomas AhrensUnited Arab Emirates University, UAE, Matt Bamber - York University, Canada, Christie Hayne University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA & ​Crawford Spence - King’s College London, UK

 12th EIASM Interpretive Consumer Research Workshop
Malaga, Spain - April 18-19, 2024
Chairs: Daniele Dalli - University of Pisa, Italy, Kathy Hamilton - University of Strathclyde, UK & Klara Scheurenbrand
 - ESSCA, France
Submission deadline: December 18th, 2023

► 39th EIASM Workshop on Strategic Human Resource Management: 
Challenges for HRM in the Next Generation

Barcelona, Spain - April 18-19, 2024
Chairs: Michael Segalla - HEC Paris, France, Bruno Staffelbach - University of Lucerne, Switzerland
Local Chair: Maria Jose Parada Balderrama, ESADE, Spain
Submission deadline: February 1st, 2024

► 31st EIASM IPDMC: Innovation and Product Development Management Conference
Dublin, Ireland, June 5-7
Chairs: Tommaso Buganza – Politecnico di Milano, Italy, Nuran Acur – University of Glasgow, UK
Submission deadline: November 13th, 2023 (12:00 pm CET)

► 13th EIASM Workshop on Top Management Teams and Business Strategy Research
Strategic Leadership and Attention in a Post-Chandlerian World

Passau, Germany, June 6-7, 2024
Chairs: Andreas König - University of Passau, Germany, Başak Yakış-Douglas - King’s College London and Saïd Business School, UK & Lorenz Graf-Vlachy - Technical University Dortmund, Germany
Keynote Speakers: Donald C. Hambrick - Pennsylvania State University, USA, William Ocasio - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA
Submission deadline: January 31st, 2024

► 17th EIASM MSAR – Manufacturing & Service Accounting Research Conference 
Aarhus, Denmark - June 19-21, 2024
Chairs: Cristiana Parisi - Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, Teemu Laine - Tampere University, Finland, Carlos Larrinaga - University of Burgos, Spain
Submission deadline: April 1st, 2024

► 15th EIASM Workshop on Accounting and Economics
Vienna, Austria - June 20-21, 2024
Chairs: Eva Labro - Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA, Alfred Wagenhofer - Center for Accounting Research, University of Graz, Austria, Christian Riegler - Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
Submission deadline: March 31st, 2024

► 3rd EIASM Workshop on People Analytics & Algorithmic Management (PAAM)
Chairs: Maria J. Belizon - UCD College of Business, Ireland, Andy Charlwood - University of Leeds, UK & Jeroen Meijerink - University of Twente, the Netherlands
Keynote Speakers: tbd
More details soon

► 14th EIASM Conference on Current Research in Taxation
Porto, Portugal - July 8-9, 2024
Chair: Christoph Watrin - University of Münster, Germany 
Keynote Speakers: tbd
More details soon

► EIASM Public Sector Emerging Scholars Program (ESP)
Stockholm, Sweden - September 16, 2024
Chairs: tbd
More details soon

13th International EIASM Public Sector Conference - Public Service Accounting, Accountability and Management
Stockholm, Sweden - September 16-18, 2024
Chair: Ileana Steccolini - Essex Business School, UK
Keynote Speakers: Lee D. Parker, University of Glasgow - Claudia Gardberg Morner, Deputy Auditor General at Swedish National Audit Office

19th EIASM Interdisciplinary Conference on Intangibles, Sustainability, and Value Creation: Reporting, Management, and Governance
Grenoble, France - September 19 - 20, 2024
Chairs: Véronique Blum – Université de Grenoble Alpes, France, Stefano Zambon - University of Ferrara, Italy
Submission deadline: June 15th, 2024

► 11th EIASM Conference on Tourism Management and Related Issues
Rimini, Italy - September 26-27, 2024
Chairs: Marcello Mariani - University of Reading, UK
More details soon

► 13th EIASM Workshop on Talent Management
Luxembourg - September 30-October 1, 2024
Chairs: David Collings - Dublin City University, Ireland, Anthony McDonnell - Cork University Business School, Ireland, Hugh Scullion - Hull University, UK & Vlad Vaiman - California Lutheran University, USA
More details soon

19th EIASM Workshop on Family Firm Management Research
Barcelona, Spain - September 30-October 1, 2024
Chairs: Massimo Baù & Kajsa Haag - Jönköping International Business School, Sweden
Keynote Speakers: tbd

10th EIASM Workshop on Audit Quality
Palermo, Italy - October 4-5, 2024
Chairs: Mara Cameran - Università Bocconi, Italy & Angela Pettinicchio - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy
Keynote Speakers: tbd

21st Workshop on Corporate Governance
Dublin, Ireland - October 2024 tbd
Chairs: Tomas Casas - University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and ICfCG, Shanghai, China, Laura Georg Schaffner - University of Strasbourg, France, Michael Hilb - University of St Gallen, Switzerland & Daniel Malan - Trinity Business School, Ireland and University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

RENT 2024: “The Multiple Faces of Entrepreneurship: Embracing the Diversity of Ambitions, Processes and Practices Worldwide”
Nantes, France - November 13-15, 2024
Chair: Natalia Vershinina - Audencia Business School, France

More details soon

► 9th EIASM Reward Management Conference
December 2024 - tbd
Organising Committee: Conny Herbert Antoni - University of Trier, Germany - Xavier Baeten - Vlerick Business School, Belgium - David B. Balkin - Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado, Boulder, U.S.A. - Stephen J. Perkins - Global Policy Institute - London Metropolitan University, U.K. - Jason D. Shaw - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore - Matti Vartiainen -Work Psychology and Leadership - Department of Industrial Engineering and Management - Aalto University School of Science, Finland
More details soon

► 14th EIASM Conference on New Directions in Management Accounting
Milan, Italy - December 16-18, 2024
Chairs: Chris Chapman - University of Bristol, United Kingdom, Frank Moers – Maastricht University, the Netherlands, Michael Williamson - Gies College of Business, Illinois, U.S.A.
Local Chair: Angelo Ditillo - Bocconi University, Italy
More details soon

Report on the 18th EIASM Interdisciplinary Conference on Intangibles, Intellectual Capital, and Sustainability – Reporting, Governance, and Value Creation.

The 18th EIASM Interdisciplinary Conference on “Intangibles, Intellectual Capital, and Sustainability – Reporting, Governance, and Value Creation” was organised on the 21st and 22nd of September at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, i.e., the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland, whose Old Town and Wawel Royal Castle are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Conference was organised under the auspices of WICI Europe – the regional jurisdiction of the Global WICI Network, the World’s Intangible Capital Initiative Network.

This Conference took place at a historic time for sustainability reporting. The publication of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) in the Official Journal of the EU on the 16th of December 2022 marked a revolutionary step for this form of reporting in the EU member states. The equal footing on which sustainability and financial reporting have been put by the new legislation makes it necessary for a profound change in corporate culture, governance and risk management, as well as business reconceptualisation and conduct. All those topics brought 62 participants from several countries to Krakow to discuss on them and share their new academic knowledge and professional experiences in this field. 

Four Chairpersons co-directed the Conference: Prof. Dr. Stefano Zambon from the Department of Economics and Management, University of Ferrara (Italy), Prof. Dr. Justyna Fijałkowska from the Department of Finance and Accounting, University of Social Sciences, Lodz (Poland), Prof. Dr. Dominika Hadro from the Department of Finance, Wroclaw University of Economics and Business (Poland), and Prof. Dr. hab. Łukasz Sułkowski from the Department of Management of Higher Education Institutions, Jagiellonian University (Poland). more..

IPDMC 2024


– IPDMC 2024 –

The 31st Innovation and Product Development Management Conference (IPDMC)

will take place on June 5-7, 2024 in Dublin, Ireland 

Conference Theme:

Leverage a plurality of perspectives for impactful innovation

⇒ The submission deadline on/before November 13, 2023 (12:00 noon CET)  (extended deadline)

Submission link HERE 


The associated Doctoral Workshop will take place on June 4-5, 2024 

Submission deadline : January 15, 2024

More general details on the IPDMC 2024 & Doctoral Workshop are available HERE ...


EAA Annual Congress 2024 & Other Activities

EAA 2024 - 46th Annual Congress

Date: May 15-17, 2024
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Congress Chair: Catalin ALBU


EAA PhD Forum 2024
Date: May 15, 2023
Chair: Juan Manuel GARCÍA LARA

EAA 40th Doctoral Colloquium 

Date: May 11-14,  2024
Location: Bucharest, Romania

Co-Chairs: Joachim GASSEN, Alexandra VAN DEN ABBEELE & Andrea MENNICKEN
Submission deadline: 30 November 2023 (23:59 CET)


Upcoming EAA Annual Congresses

47th EAA Annual Congress – Rome, Italy 28-30 May 2025

48th EAA Annual Congress – Prague, Czech Republic, May 2026

49th EAA Annual Congress – Turin, Italy 26-28 May 2027

EAA Virtual Accounting Research Seminars  
Date: 1 December 2023
Location: Online

EAA Talent Workshop
Dates: November 10-11, 2023
Location: IE University, Madrid, Spain


EAA-ARC – Accounting Resources Centre –
If you are looking for an event in accounting research – such as a doctoral course, a workshop, or a conference – please visit the EAA Accounting Resources Centre, the one-stop location for research resources and networking opportunities relevant for emerging scholars and others interested in accounting research.

EAA Peer Mentoring Initiative -
The EAA PhD Mentoring Initiative (PMI) aims to help European PhD students refine their research proposals and enhance the overall quality of their work by accessing timely advice and feedback from some of Europe’s top accounting researchers. The PMI is a resource open to all European PhD students in accounting. 

EAA Newsletter
Learn about the latest developments within the European Accounting Association by reading the latest EAA Newsletter. Members and non-members alike can access this and previous issues on the EAA website

EIBA Annual Conference 2023 & Other Activities


EIBA logo



EIBA 2023 – 49th Annual Conference of the European International Business Academy

Theme: "The Changing Global Power Balance: Challenges for European Firms"
Dates: December 15-17, 2023
Host & Location: 
ISEG, University of Lisbon School of Economics & Management
Website: | Inquiries:


► EIBA 2023 Lisbon is preceded by several EIBA pre-conference events for doctoral students & young scholars...

37th EIBA Doctoral Tutorial 
"The John H. Dunning Doctoral Tutorial in International Business"
Date: December 15, 2023
ISEG, University of Lisbon School of Economics & Management

12th EIBA Doctoral Symposium

"The Danny Van Den Bulcke Doctoral Symposium in International Business"
Date: December 15, 2023
ISEG, University of Lisbon School of Economics & Management

IBR Professional Development Workshop
Date: December 15, 2023
ISEG, Lisbon, Portugal

► For more development workshops & other conference activities, please visit the EIBA 2023 Lisbon website ...

International Business Perspectives
ISSN 2222-4785

► The EIBAzine online newsletter (current and past issues) is available on the EIBA website (under Publications).

► For more information on the European International Business Academy, please visit the EIBA website.

EMAC Annual Conference 2024 & Other Activities


EMAC Annual Conference 2024 & Doctoral Colloquium

EMAC Annual Conference 2024
Dates: May 28-31, 2024
Location: Bucharest, Romania

Paper Submission Deadline: December 4, 2023 (16:00 CET) 

Follow us on 

EMAC Doctoral Colloquium 2024

Dates: May 26-28, 2024
Location: Bucharest, Romania

Paper Submission Deadline: January 24, 2024 (16:00 CET Time)

NOTE: The Colloquium is a closed event. Only the students who submitted a paper and whose paper has been accepted for presentation are allowed to attend.

EMAC Regional Conference 2024
September 25-27, 2024
Lisbon, Portugal


EMAC-Enginius Doctoral Competition
Submission Deadline: January 10, 2024 (16:00 CET)
Submission Link

EMAC–Sheth Foundation Sustainability Research Competition (2024)
Submission Deadline: February 5, 2024 (16:00 CET)
Submission Link

EMAC Newsletter 

EMAC Newsletter: EMAC Members are invited to send their contributions for the monthly EMAC E-Newsletter to Anne-Laure Marteaux. The next issue will be circulated in January 2024.

For more information on the European Marketing Academy, please visit the EMAC website.

EDAMBA news and events

News from European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration

► Excellent feedback from Summer Research Academy 2023 held in Athens in July 2023 : 15 doctoral students from EDAMBA members spent a week in Athens reviewing their PhD and DBA methodology, research techniques and career prospects with leading faculty. 

'The best and most effective way to learn from experienced professionals and move forward with my PhD'


'Excellent networking opportunity, enabling me to build professional relationships for future endeavours'


► Congratulations to 2023 Thesis Competition Winners 

  • 1st Prize
    • Dr Martina Pocchiari (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
    • Paper: “Managing Successful and Resilient Shared-interest Communities: The Role of Digitization Technologies and Disruptive Events”
  • 2nd Prize
    • Dr Tatevik Harutyunyan (NNH Norwegian School of Economics)
    • Paper: “Alignment Between Firms and Board Directors: Implications For New Ventures” 
  • 3rd Prize
    • Dr Ana Maria Gomez-Trujillo (EAFIT University)
    • Paper: “The Interrelationship Between Internationalization and Sustainability: Analysis of an Emerging Market Multinational”

► Welcome to new full member of EDAMBA - Budapest Business School.  Information about about applying for membership here.  To renew you membership contact the Executive Secretary.

► Welcome to Professor Luigi De Luca from Cardiff University Business School as a new member of the Executive Committee for the academic year 2023-2024.

EDAMBA Activities for 2023-2024

12th EDAMBA EIASM Consortium on Doctoral Supervision 2024

EDAMBA Thesis Competition 2024

  • For a thesis successfully defended at an EDAMBA member institution in the last academic year (1st September 2022 – 31st August 2023)  
  • Prizes:  €2,500, €1,500, €750
  • Submission window: January 1 - 31, 2024
  • Announcement: At EDAMBA General Assembly September 3, 2024

EDAMBA Summer Research Academy 2024

  • For doctoral students in management and business (open to non members)
  • Scholarships of €850 available for EDAMBA members
  • Venue: Athens, Greece
  • Dates: July 21-24, 2024
  • Application window: February 1 - 28, 2024

EDAMBA Annual Meeting and General Assembly

  • Venue and format to be confirmed
  • Dates: September 2-3, 2024

► Join EDAMBA PhD Supervisors Forum for PhD supervisors

► Join EDAMBA PhD students Forum for PhD students

► Visit the EDAMBA Website

► Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter / X

The European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management & Business Administration (EDAMBA) aims to develop and secure the highest standards in doctoral education in the fields of management and business studies by providing a European and worldwide network for the exchange of information and discussion of ideas among doctoral directors, programs and schools, and by developing, improving and promoting best practices through codes of conduct of the highest order. 


EFA | Annual Meetings | Review of Finance | News


The 50th EFA Annual Meeting was a great success!

'Amsterdam was the perfect place to celebrate this 50th meeting. A lot of effort went into making this an edition that none of us will forget. Ever. Thank you everyone who helped, contributed and participated in the success of this occasion.' Program Chair Albert J. Menkveld

We enjoyed:

  • A Nobel laureate panel with in-person participation of Oliver Hart (Harvard), Bengt Holmstrom (MIT), and Paul Milgrom (Stanford)
  • A keynote speech by the Editor of the Journal of Finance Antoinette Schoar (MIT)
  • A Finance+Humor program with rising-star standup comedians from California
  • A reception at Amsterdam's renowned modern art museum (Stedelijk Museum), including private access to a new exhibition featuring, among others, Van Gogh and Rietveld
  • A conference dinner at the iconic Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ concert hall
  • A cycling or walking tour to see historic sites
  • And, most importantly, a schedule filled with 200+ presentations of the latest and most exciting research in finance

Congratulations to the EFA and RF Prize Winners - check out the winners on our website.

Thanks to our organizers European Finance Association and all the team of helpers at VU Amsterdam.

EFA 2023 team

Albert J. Menkveld (Program Chair)
Laura Malinverno (EFA Event Manager)
Sjahin Nouri
Debby Tielman

The EFA General Assembly was held on Friday August 18, 2023. The members approved the nomination of Lubos Pastor and Larent Calvet as Vice Presidents Elect and the election of Frederico Belo, Isil Erel and Laurent Fresard as EFA Directors from January 2023.

EFA 2024, the 51st Annual Meeting, will be held in Bratisalava on August 21-24, 2023 hosted by the National Bank of Slovakia and organised by Lubos Pastor.  The submission deadline is February 1, 2024. The Keynote Speaker is Douglas Diamond, 2022 Nobel Laureate. Please put the dates in your diary!

Call for Papers - December 1, 2023

Read the latest issue of Review of FinanceVolume 27, Issue 5, September 2023

⇒​ Read digests of the papers here...

► The EFA Online JobMarket is a free resource for Members. Candidates can view current job listings here.

Follow EFA on social media:


► European Finance Association (EFA) AISBL Rue Fossé aux Loups 38, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


EURAM Annual Conference 2024, Other Activities & European Management Review

EURAM 2023 Annual Conference Pictures 

Pictures are available here

Recording of keynote session with Tavid J. Teece, University of California, about Dynamic Capabilities for a Sustainable Future available here

EURAM Early Career Colloquium

15th edition of EECC 2024 to be held 11-13 March 2024, University of Barcelona

Application Deadline: 14 December 2023

EURAM Annual Conference 2024
Dates: 24-28 June 2024
Location: University of Bath
Submission Deadline: 11 January 2024 2 pm

EURAM Annual Conference 2024
Dates: 24-25 June 2024
Location: University of Bath
Application Deadline: 18 January 2024

EURAM Awards & Grants

7th Edition of EURAM Best Book Award 2024 (Books published in 2023
Submission Deadline: 30 January 2024

6th Edition of EURAM Grants Scheme
Application Deadline: 13 February 2024

European Management Review

Special Issue on Purpose-Driven Strategies
Submission Deadline: 31 March 2024 

Special Issue on Digital Transformation And Organizational Value Creation
Submission Deadline: 31 March 2024 

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Addressing problems arising from endogeneity in management research with Marco Giarratana, Vice-Rector of Research and Coordination, IE University, Madrid, Spain

Applying for Starting Grants by the European Research Council (ERC) with Adriana Cristoiu, ERCEA; SH1 panel: Economics, Finance, Management


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EurOMA Annual Conference & Other Activities

EurOMA 2024 – 31th International Annual EurOMA Conference

Dates: July 1-3, 2024
Location: ESADE, Barcelona, Spain

The EurOMA 2024 conference will be preceded by the following:

  • 23rd EurOMA Doctoral Seminar
  • 17th EurOMA Workshop on Journal Publishing in Operations Management
  • 15th EurOMA Early Career Network Workshop 

► For more information on this association, please visit the EurOMA website.

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