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Welcome to EIASM's Autumn 2021 Newsletter

Dear EIASM Friends,

We hope you have enjoyed a rejuvenating summer break and that this newsletter finds you
and your loved ones in good health and good spirits!

We are infused with hope to experience face-to-face activities as soon as possible, and new forms of normality, because while we have all been able to adapt globally and carry out our missions in remote mode, we strongly aspire to return to more human relationships. As you will discover in our upcoming activities, some EIASM events have already been switched back to in-person mode.

Another academic year is dawning!
e will be starting it with the 50th Anniversary Celebratory EIASM Academic Council Meeting 
to be held online this week on Thursday September 9th and Friday September 10th 2021.  

The annual EIASM Academic Council Meeting provides an important opportunity to bring together representatives of the member Schools and Universities as well as major sister Association representatives – to develop a shared approach towards advanced studies in management, and discuss what we can do together better and what EIASM can do differently. This forum will be fundamental in defining the future directions of our new environment!

After the success of its launch last spring, the EIASM Webinar Series Season #2 will start soon, in mid-September 2021! 
Cooperation is a must: we have enhanced the benefits for Universities of being 
EIASM Academic Council members – if your institution is not yet a member, just take a look at the advantages of being part of this fabulous community!

Doctoral education and PhD support in these uncertain times are fundamental mainstays. In order to better master the changes in our environment, the EIASM Board wishes to conduct surveys relating to changes in needs and preferences in matters of management doctoral education. These studies should allow us to determine which types of courses and network activities doctoral students need and prefer after their COVID-19 experiences with online courses…
If you would like to help us with this survey process, please spare a few minutes of your time to answer the survey – which you will find by clicking on one of the following links:

– You are a doctoral student

– You are a PhD supervisor:

– You are the head of a doctoral school:  

We all must strive to be agile and flexible in the services we are offering, to adapt to the future we will share. At EIASM we believe that this is an opportune time for cooperation, supportive logic, and exchanges of good practices and collective thinking – to maintain, sustain and enhance European research activities in Management. You will discover in this newsletter the services we have developed and adapted to reach these specific needs.

As always but especially in these uncertain times, the EIASM Board and Staff remain fully at your service. EIASM remains an integral service hub for developing and sustaining collaborative networks of European management scholars and institutions. Never hesitate to contact us for the development of your projects.

– Jérôme Chabanne-Rive
EIASM Executive Director

EIASM Governance News

The EIASM Board is particularly pleased to announce the integration of three new Board members in 2021:

As of January 1, 2021
– Professor Sibel Yamak, University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

As of September 1, 2021
– Professor Luk Warlop, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway
Professor Anette Boom, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

The EIASM Board is also delighted to welcome the following as new members of its Academic Council:
Said Business School, University of Oxford 
King's Business School, King's College London
Lund University School of Economics and Management


THIS WEEK: 50th Anniversary Celebratory EIASM Academic Council Meeting

The 2021 EIASM Academic Council Meeting will be held online – on Thursday & Friday, September 9-10, 2021.  

This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of EIASM and will be reaffirming our mission to foster and support innovative, rigorous, responsible and impactful research in management, governance and related disciplines!

This annual meeting of the EIASM Academic Council provides an important opportunity to bring together representatives of the member Schools and Universities to develop a shared approach towards advanced studies in management. Doctoral Education has always been central to the mission of the EIASM and is, more than ever, critical to the development of knowledge in Europe. Together our program of EDEN seminars, EIASM workshops and conferences have pushed the boundaries of management research for doctoral students and faculty. The format and program of doctoral events continues to evolve in response to the interdisciplinary character of today’s "Grand Challenges" and the need for rigorous evidence based research and outcomes. More recently, responsibility and sustainability have become central to Management Education as stakeholders rise to the challenge of satisfying both their corporate goals and societal responsibilities. So what next? What can we do together better and what can EIASM do differently?

These strategic questions will be the focus of the 2021 Academic Council meeting agenda. Indeed the title of the first session on Thursday afternoon September 9th is EIASM’s role in Management Research and PhD Education: Navigating Interdisciplinarity and Grand Challenges!

Thursday afternoon will close with a session dedicated to the 4th EIASM Interdisciplinary Leader Award, to be presented  to Prof. Ingmar Björkman, from Aalto University School of Business, who as the special guest of our Academic Council meeting will give a speech on "Building an Impactful Business School: Interdisciplinarity in Action".

In addition, a panel group discussion on Friday morning September 10th will address Doctoral Education in Management: Needs & Requirements for 2050, on the basis of surveys currently carried out among PhD students, supervisors and heads of doctoral schools. 

We believe the agenda of the 2021 EIASM Academic Council Meeting provides an opportunity to explore and plan specific activities for Academic Council Members and the EIASM community to enhance the experience and impact of Doctoral Education and Advanced Studies in Management. (Reports will be made available upon request.)

EIASM Webinar Series: Season #2

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the second season of the EIASM webinar series!

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the Institute reaffirms its mission to foster and support innovative, rigorous, responsible and impactful research in management, governance and related disciplines. In this regard, the EIASM Board wishes to provide its Academic Council members and community with a series of discussions on topics that are interdisciplinary and suitable for the study of grand challenges by our doctoral students and faculty.

This second series of webinars is presented by members of the EIASM Board, Interdisciplinary Leader Award recipients and Events chairs, namely Professors Peter Buckley, Barbara Czarniawska, Elizabeth Rose, Eero Vaara and Vlad Vaiman.

The second series of webinars is constituted by the following promising discussions:

  • Friday September 17, at 10.30 am CEST: Prof. Eero Vaara, Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK
    • Webinar title: What can we learn from studying unusual organization?
    • Webinar keywords: History, Change, Strategy, Identity, Discourse, Ambiguity.
  • Friday October 01, at 10.30 am CEST: Prof. Vlad Vaiman, California Lutheran University, USA
    • Webinar title: Latest developments in talent management and implications for scholars and practitioners
    • Webinar keywords: Talent Management, Fluid Workforce, Hybrid Working Arrangements, Remote Work Context.
  • Friday October 15, at 10.30 am CEST: Prof. Elizabeth Rose, Indian Institute of Management Udaipur, India
    • Webinar title: “International Entrepreneurship
    • Webinar keywords: International Business, Entrepreneurship, Globalization.
  • Friday November 5, at 10.30 am CET: Prof. Barbara Czarniawska, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
    • Webinar title: Narrative approaches to social sciences
    • Webinar keywords: Narration, Story, Chronicle, Emplotment.
  • Friday November 19, at 10.30 am CET: Prof. Peter Buckley, Leeds University, UK
    • Webinar title: The Strategy of the Multinational Enterprise in the Long, Long run
    • Webinar keywords: Multinational enterprise, Strategic planning, Globalization.
  • Friday December 03, at 10.30 am CET: Prof. Barbara Czarniawska, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
    • Webinar title: “Robotization of work? Answers from popular culture, media and social sciences
    • Webinar keywords: Robotization, DDD jobs, Uncanny Valley, Singularity, Collaborative Robots.

The EIASM live webinar series takes place on a bi-monthly basis – on the first and third Friday of each month – starting at 10.30 am CE(S)T (1h30m duration). Access and live interaction are free and exclusively reserved for doctoral students and faculty of the EIASM Academic Council members. Webinars are recorded and made available later on the EIASM website.

EIASM EDEN Doctoral Seminars 2021 - Upcoming Events & Deadlines

EIASM Launches Two New EDEN Doctoral Seminars

► Doctoral Seminar on Meta-Analysis for Management Research
October 18-21 2021 – Bremen, Germany
Application Deadline: September 19, 2021

In collaboration with VHB-ProDok the support programme for doctorates in business studies in German-speaking countries, EIASM is pleased to announce the launch of a new Doctoral Seminar on Meta-Analysis for Management Research scheduled to take place in Bremen, Germany, on October 18-21, 2021.

Faculty Member

   Tammo H.A. BIJMOLT (University of Groningen)

This semiar deals with methods for conducting a meta-analysis. The purpose is to train the participants to conduct and publish a high-quality scientific meta-analysis within the broad field of management research. The seminar will cover the entire meta-analysis research process, from problem formulation, literature search, coding of the effects, analysis, to reporting and publishing the findings. The emphasis is on knowledge and skills needed to conduct a meta-analysis, not only on the statistical details. All steps of the meta-analysis process (including the statistical analyses) will be demonstrated and practiced in assignments during the workshop. In addition, all topics will be illustrated by means of actual meta-analysis examples. Participants will be informed about relevant literature (textbooks and journal articles) and software supporting meta-analysis projects. In particular, most analyses will be demonstrated using R; in particular the package metafor.

Credits: 6 ECTS

For more information and application, click HERE ...

► EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Maturing Impactful Research Projects for Young Scholars
November 24, 2021–January 12, 2022 – ONLINE
Sessions scheduled on Wednesdays: 24 Nov. 2021; 1 Dec. 2021; 8 Dec. 2021; 15 Dec. 2021; 12 Jan. 2022.
Application Deadline: October 10, 2021

Programme Coordinator & Faculty:
Elio KEKO – Programme Coordinator (Visiting Professor at Ghent University, Belgium)

Stefan STREMERSCH (IESE Business School, Barcelona) 

Isabel VERNIERS  (Ghent University, Belgium) 

Guest speakers: Depending on the final group of participants, we also invite guest speakers to share their specific knowledge and experience. 

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Learn a clear process that helps transform early-stage research ideas into validated research projects
  • Build a clear and interesting contribution statement for their research projects
  • Clarify the audience of the research projects
  • Build a clear and convincing research proposal
  • Learn to validate their main assumptions about a project’s impact and feasibility
  • Clarify the building blocks of their projects and what each entail
  • Build a clear roadmap (who, what, when) and develop a plan for a good work rhyth
  • Learn how to report on progress of their research such that feedback can be incorporated and lead to more impactful research

Credits: 4 ECTS

Read more ...


Upcoming EIASM EDEN Doctoral Seminars & Deadlines

► EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Experimental Research Design
     September 20-24, 2021 – ONLINE
     Sessions take place from Monday, September 22, 2021 to Friday, September 24, 2021 – 14:00-18:00 CEST

Programme Coordinator & Faculty:

Bob FENNIS (University of Groningen)

This high-density seminar focuses on the design, data-collection, analysis and write-up of experimental research. It is geared towards marketing, but can be applied to other empirical fields as well. It is decidedly practical in nature, giving participants a state-of-the-art overview of the approaches and methods used in the development and analysis of experimental designs, while providing many opportunities for methodological practice. In addition, the course is aimed at teaching and practicing advanced, but hands-on research skills starting with generating interesting and testable hypotheses, via designing and running studies in the lab to analyzing experimental data and reporting them in a research paper.

Read more ...


► EDEN Doctoral Seminar on How to Design Your PhD
November 8-12, 2021 – ONLINE
Application Deadline: September 8, 2021

Programme Coordinator & Faculty

Ricardo MORAIS (Católica Porto Business School); Eelko HUIZINGH (University of Groningen)

The seminar is practical in nature, with the use of a visual decision-making tool for integrative research design based on Philosophy of Science, integrating the theory, method, data, rhetoric, and authorship of a research project to focus an academic text such as a research proposal.

This seminar helps early stage PhD candidates design their research project. Participants will:

  • acknowledge process, philosophical, and methodological ambiguities in their research;
  • understand the interplay between theory, method, data, rhetoric, and authorship in their research;
  • apply a framework of 21 questions to focus and design their research;
  • diagnose the current strengths and weaknesses of their research;
  • learn strategies for literature review, theory development, and theory testing;
  • formulate alternative research ideas and research questions;
  • design a literature review;
  • discuss alternative qualitative research designs; discuss alternative quantitative research designs;
  • develop a conceptual model;
  • discuss alternative measurements;
  • design data collection and analysis;
  • design their thesis project.

Read more ...

► EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Case Studies in Business and Management Research
An EIASM-KATAJA Collaboration
November 22–December 13, 2021 – ONLINE
Sessions scheduled on: Week 47 – Monday 22 Nov, Wednesday 24 Nov, Friday 26 Nov; Week 48 – Monday 29 Nov, Wednesday 1 Dec, Friday 3 Dec; Week 49 – Tuesday 7 Dec, Thursday 9 Dec; Week 50 (final class) – Monday 13 Dec. Online sessions will be held at 8.30-11.30 am CET
Application Deadline: September 10, 2021

Programme Coordinator & Faculty Members:
Rebecca PIEKKARI (Aalto University School of Business), Catherine WELCH (The University of Sydney Business School)

The purpose of this course is to introduce doctoral students from Europe and around the world to the diversity of ways of conducting case study research and to improve their own research practice. It aims to provide an overview of recent trends and debates on the case study in management and organization research. The course will focus on issues that are often left out of methodology courses and training, notably: What are the different views on the theoretical contribution that a case study can make, and what lies behind these differences? This course has a strong focus on the process and practice of conducting case studies.

Read more ...

EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Bibliometric Literature Analysis  
November 1-30, 2021 – ONLINE
The seminar is spread out over one (1) month, with an online session every week.
Application Deadline: September 20, 2021

Programme Coordinator & Faculty

Dr. Ilan ALON (University of Agder, Norway), ​Dr. Ziaul Haque MUNIM (University of South-Eastern Norway)

This is a course designed for PhD students who wish to better understand their field of research and gaps in the literature.  The course will teach you how to make a contribution to your field based on a bibliometric literature review. Students will be asked to read a variety of published bibliometric articles, review a bibliometric study in a refereed journal, and produce one of their own based on their research interests, to be discussed and approved by the professors. Published professors and editors will guide you through a publishable paper proposal and will help you position yourself as a scholar/researcher in your field.

Read more ... 

► EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Consumer Research 
November 29–December 3, 2021 – ONLINE
Application Deadline: September 24, 2021

Programme Coordinator & Faculty Members
Luk WARLOP (BI Norwegian Business School); Stefano PUNTONI (Rotterdam School of Management); Simona BOTTI (London Business School); Özlem SANDIKCI (University of Glasgow)

The aim of this course is to be an introduction in how to do consumer behavior research, rather than to provide exhaustive coverage of the field as a whole. It will focus on evaluating papers, preparing research ideas, and developing them into research proposals in four important areas of consumer research: self-control, social identity, consumer decision making, and consumer culture theory.

Read more ...

► EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Methods, Techniques and Theories in Entrepreneurship and Innovation **
December 6-10, 2021 – Brussels, Belgium
Application Deadline: October 4, 2021

Programme Coordinator & Faculty

Philippe MUSTAR (MINES ParisTech, Paris, France (Programme Coordinator & Faculty); Bart CLARYSSE  (ETH Zurich, Switzerland); Anu WADHWA (Imperial College , U.K.); Massimo COLOMBO (Milano Polytecnico, Italy)

The seminar introduces the participants to the methods, techniques and theories commonly used in their research area. It also offers possibilities for young researchers to get in contact with their peers, to explore new avenues of thinking, to learn collectively and to exchange ideas in a very active and stimulating way. The emphasis is on interactive learning with peers about the practical aspects of setting up a research project.

Read more ...  

EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Quantitative Empirical Research in Management Accounting **
December 13-17, 2021 – Brussels, Belgium
Application Deadline: October 8, 2021

Programme Coordinator & Faculty

Frank MOERS – Programme Coordinator (Maastricht University, the Netherlands); Michael WILLIAMSON (University of Illinois, USA); David BEDFORD (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)

This EDEN Seminar will focus on quantitative empirical research methods used in management accounting research (archival, experiment, quantitative field study, and survey) and frequently used theoretical perspectives including economic theories (agency, value of information, organizational architecture, and complementarities in organization design), organizational contingency theorizing (selection fit, interaction fit, and system fit), and psychology theories (cognition, motivation, and social). In addition, general concepts related to the design, conduct, and evaluation of theory)

Read more ... 

** Please be aware that at EIASM the necessary measures and precautions are being taken to ensure a safe environment for our activities, faculty and participants. Depending on how the COVID-19 related situation evolves over the second part of the year, we intend to maintain the above seminars on the same dates; however, it may become necessary to reconsider the format of the seminars, i.e., move to digital format. Many thanks for your understanding and collaboration in this regard.

For information, contact: Nina K. Payen –

EIASM Workshops & Conferences 2021 - Upcoming Events & Deadlines

​► 11th EIASM Conference on Performance Measurement and Management Control
September 15-17, 2021 – ONLINE


  • Sofia Lourenço – ISEG, Lisbon School of Economics and Management, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
  • Teemu Malmi – Aalto University School of Business, Finland
  • Melissa Martin – University of Illinois Chicago, USA
  • Frank Verbeeten – University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Business School, Netherlands

This biennial conference is the place to be for like-minded scholars to participate in debate and dialogue on current research and future trends in the practice of performance measurement and management control across methods and topics.

More details and conference programme available HERE

► 16th EIASM Workshop on Family Firm Management Research
September 16–October 21, 2021 – ONLINE

The central theme of the Workshop is ‘Family Firms between local and global challenges’, but we welcome all research papers contributing at expanding the frontiers of family business research. For example, we welcome paper exploring the intersection between family business and Innovation, Digitalization, Internationalization, Governance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Practice, Emotions, Ethics, HR, Careers, Strategy, and Sustainability.

The 16th EIASM Workshop on Family Firm Management Research is co-organized by CeFEO and EuFBC. We invite you to engage in a conversation that takes place between September 16 and October 21, 2021. The event is distributed over 6 days – a weekly appointment each Thursday.


  • Massimo Bau - CeFEO, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden
  • Kajsa Haag - CeFEO, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden

► 16th EIASM Interdisciplinary Conference on Intangibles and Intellectual Capital - Sustainability and Integrated Reporting, Governance and Value Creation
September 23-24, 2021 – Lille, France
!!! 1st EIASM conference organised in a blended/mixed format !!!

This Conference is intended to continue its long-standing role in creating a forum for academic exchange on theoretical and empirical, qualitative and quantitative research in the area of Intangibles and Intellectual Capital widely conceived. Indeed, the measurement, reporting and management of Intangibles and Intellectual Capital at a micro, meso and macro level is becoming a focal topic for the theory and practice of various disciplines (accounting, valuation, marketing, organisation behaviour, strategy, non-financial reporting, investor relations, human resource, sustainability, etc.).


  • Elisabetta Magnaghi - Université Catholique de Lille, France
  • Stefano Zambon - University of Ferrara, Italy

Keynote Speakers:

  • Charl de Villiers - University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • John Dumay - Macquarie University, Australia
  • Stéphane Trébucq - University of Bordeaux, France

More details available HERE 

► 11th International EIASM Public Sector Conference
September 27-28, 2021 – ONLINE

This conference is inter-disciplinary. Its deliberations and networking opportunities will be of interest to public sector accountants, public sector financial management specialists , public management researchers, public administration scholars, critical management researchers, public sector economists and public and social policy researchers with interests in the impact of calculative practice on their domain.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Geert Bouckaert - Public Governance Institute, KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Chris Carter - University of Edinburgh Business School, UK
  • Kieran Donnelly - Comptroller & Auditor General for N. Ireland, UK

► 9th EIASM Workshop on Talent Management
October 4-5, 2021 – ONLINE


  • David Collings - Dublin City University, Ireland
  • Anthony McDonnell - Cork University Business School, Ireland
  • Hugh Scullion - Hull University, UK
  • Vlad Vaiman - California Lutheran University, USA

Keynote Speaker: 

  • Vicky Dries - KU Leuven, Belgium

    To continue growing a forum for academic exchange of conceptual and empirical (qualitative or quantitative) research in the area of talent management. The workshop has a strong developmental focus and as such encourages research which may be in progress as well as completed research.

► 18th EIASM Workshop on Corporate Governance
October 18-19, 2021 – ONLINE 


  • Tomas Casas - University of St. Gallen/Switzerland and ICfCG, Shanghai/China
                                & Keynote "Corporate Governance for Sustainable Value Creation“   
  • Hugh Grove - University of Denver, USA
  • Martin Hilb - University of St. Gallen, Switzerland (Coordinating Chairperson)
  • Daniel Malan - University of Stellenbosch, South Africa​ 

This 18th Research Workshop will address:

  • International Corporate Governance (including Comparative Governance, Sectoral Governance and Compliance in specific countries) 
  • Strategic Direction (including Owners Strategy, Strategic Board Directives, Board Composition, Board Culture and Board Structure) 
  • HR Governance (including Nomination, Review, Compensation, Training and Succession Planning of the Supervisory and Managing Boards) 
  • Strategic Control (including Integrated Reporting, Internal and External Auditing, Internal Control, IT Governance, Opportunities and Risk Oversight on the Board Level) 
  • Responsible Board Leadership (including Direction and Control of Collective Values and Ethical Compliance)

► RENT 2021 – 35th Conference on Research in Entrepreneurship
November (17) 18-19, 2021 – Turku, Finland  
The Local Oganizers, ECSB and EIASM are pleased to return to a face-to-face conference in Turku, Finland!

The RENT 2021 Conference Main Theme is: “INCLUSIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP”

Plenary programme – 

Keynote Speaker:
David Audretsch - Distinguished Professor, Ameritech Chair of Economic Development, Indiana University, USA
"Entrepreneurship & Democracy"

Panel discussion:
"Promoting inclusive and sustainable entrepreneurial activity in the creative economies"
Jarna Heinonen - University of Turku

More details and registration available HERE

Do not forget the ECSB pre-conference day on November 17th!

► 8th Reward Management Conference – RMC 2021
December 2-3, 2021 – ONLINE

Submission deadline: October 11, 2021


  • Conny Herbert Antoni - University of Trier, Germany
  • Xavier Baeten - Vlerick Business School, Belgium
  • David B. Balkin- Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado, Boulder, U.S.A.
  • Stephen J. Perkins - London Metropolitan University, U.K.
  • Jason D. Shaw - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 
  • Matti Vartiainen - Aalto University School of Science, Finland

Keynote Speakers: 

  • Marylene Gagne - Curtin University, Australia
  • Marion Festing - ESCP Business School in Berlin, Germany
IPDMC 2022 - 29th Innovation and Product Development Management Conference

– IPDMC 2022 –

The 29th Innovation and Product Development Management Conference (IPDMC)

will take place on July 17-19, 2022 in Hamburg, Germany

Conference Theme:
Innovation in the Era of Climate Change

⇒ The submission deadline is: November 30, 2021 (23:59 CET) 

The associated Doctoral Workshop will take place on July 16-17, 2022 
⇒ The submission deadline is: January 17, 2022 

More details on the IPDMC 2022 & Doctoral Workshop are available HERE ...

► See more events on our website at and follow us on social media...        

EDAMBA Activities 2021

2021 EDAMBA Annual Meeting & General Assembly
August 31 & September 7, 2021 – ONLINE

The 2021 Annual Meeting and General Assembly will take place online in two sessions

  •  the first online session on August 31, 2021 at 14.00 – 17.00 (CEST) and
  •  the second online session on September 7, 2021 at 14.00 – 17.00 (CEST). 

Two Distinguished Speakers:

  • Prof. Stan TAYLOR, Honorary Professor, School of Education, Durham University & Chair, UKCGE Research Supervisors' Network Topic: 'The Making of Doctoral Supervisors'
  • Dr. Alexander HASGALL, Head of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE).
    Topic: The Covid-19 pandemic and the future of doctoral education

For More Information & Application: Click HERE

► 10th EDAMBA-EIASM Consortium on Doctoral Supervision and the New Global Research Landscape
December 1-3, 2021 – ONLINE
Read more ...

► New AACSB and EDAMBA Report Offers Insights on Trends in Global Doctoral Programs
Read more ...

Visit the EDAMBA Website

Follow us on LinkedIn:
The EDAMBA organisation page on LinkedIn is called: EDAMBA Doctoral Programmes Association 

You can also follow EDAMBA on Twitter @edambabrussels

For more information on EDAMBA, please visit the website -

Contact: Nina K. Payen -

EAA Annual Congresses & Other Activities

EAA 2022 - 44th Annual Congress

Dates: 11-13 May 2022
Location: Bergen, Norway

For more information click here.

EAA 38th Doctoral Colloquium 
Dates: 7-10 May 2022
Bergen, Norway

For more information click here.

EAA 2023 - 45th Annual Congress
Dates: 26-28 May 2023
Helsinki (Espoo), Finland

EAA 2024 - 46th Annual Congress
Dates: May 2024
Bucharest, Romania

EAA Virtual Accounting Research Seminars
Location: virtual

European Accounting Review
2021 Annual Conference online

Dates: 18-19 November 2021
Location: Online

For more information, please click here.

Talent Workshop 2021
Dates: 3-6 November 2021
Location: Madrid, Spain - online edition

Application deadline for students: 27 September 2021
Registration deadline for institutions: 27 October 2021

EAA-ARC – Accounting Resources Centre –
If you are looking for an event in accounting research – such as a doctoral course, a workshop, or a conference – please visit the EAA Accounting Resources Centre, the one-stop location for research resources and networking opportunities relevant for emerging scholars and others interested in accounting research.

EAA Peer Mentoring Initiative -
The EAA PhD Mentoring Initiative (PMI) aims to help European PhD students refine their research proposals and enhance the overall quality of their work by accessing timely advice and feedback from some of Europe’s top accounting researchers. The PMI is a resource open to all European PhD students in accounting. 

EAA Newsletter
Learn about the latest developments within the European Accounting Association by reading the latest EAA Newsletter. Members and non-members alike can access this and previous issues on the EAA website.

EARIE Annual Conferences 2021 & 2022

EARIE 2021 – 48th Annual Conference of the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics
Dates: August 27-28, 2021 

Location: held virtually via Bergen, Norway
Host: NHH Norwegian School of Economics in cooperation with University of Bergen
Scientific Committee Chair: Elisabetta Iossa (University of Rome Tor Vergata)
Organizing Committee Chair: Øivind Nilsen (NHH Norwegian School of Economics)
Conference website: 

► The EARIE 2021 via Bergen team thank the 450+ participants for their involvement in an excellent online event!.

EARIE 2022 – 49th Annual Conference of the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics
Dates: August 25-27, 2022 

Location: Vienna, Austria
Host: University of Vienna
Scientific Committee Chair: David Genesove (Hebrew University of Jerusalema)
Organizing Committee Chair: Christine Zulehner (University of Vienna)
Conference website: 
not yet active

► For more information on this association, please visit the EARIE website.

EFA Annual Meetings & Review of Finance News

EFA 2021 – 48th Annual Meeting of the European Finance Association was a great success!

Thanks to Bocconi University who organized the 48th Annual Meeting of the European Finance Association (EFA) online August 25-28, 2021 - here are a few key numbers: 

  • > 2,100 submissions 
  • > 1,200 participants 
  • 180 papers selected & 60 sessions
  • 846 reviewers, 47 Track chairs, 18 Local Scientific Committee members
  • 4 special & 3 informal sessions  
  • 2 Doctoral events - Tutorial & Workshop attended by 34 students
  • 1 Keynote Speaker: Itay Goldstein 
  • 1 Program Chair: Elena Carletti

The 2021 EFA General Assembly and Prize Ceremony was held& online on August 25, 2021 during the conference. Congratulations to all winners!

  • EFA 2021 Best Conference Paper Prize
    • Open Banking: Credit Market Competition When Borrowers Own the Data by Zhiguo He, Jing Huang and Jidong Zhou
  • EFA 2021 Best Paper Prize in Responsible Finance
    • Green Asset Pricing  by Ghassane Benmir, Ivan Jaccard and Gauthier Vermandel
  • The 2021 Engelbert Dockner Memorial Prize for the Best Paper by Young Researchers
    • What Is the Impact of Mutual Funds’ ESG Preferences on Portfolio Firms? by Maxime Couvert
  • EFA 2021 Doctoral Tutorial Best Paper Prize
    • The Gender Investment Gap over the Life-Cycle by Annika Bacher
  • RF 2021 Pagano and Zechner Prize 
  • RF 2021 IQAM Prize
  • 2021 Review of Finance Distinguished Referee Awards
    • Jaewon Choi
    • Espen Eckbo
    • Ansgar Walther

EFA 2022 – the 49th EFA Annual Meeting – will be held in Barcelona, Spain 24-27 August 2022
Host: IESE Business School, University of Navarra
Conference Chair: Xavier Vives

Review of Finance (RF) – News

  • New Managing Editor Marcin Kacperczyk will succeed Alex Edmans in January 2023
    click here for details.
  • New issue: Volume 25, Issue 4, July 2021. Read it here ⇒ free online access for current EFA members.
  • Call for Papers for Special Issue on Sustainable Finance – click here for details.

► ​Renew your EFA membership for 2021 here: EFA membership (benefits posted on the EFA website)

Follow EFA on social media:


► For more information on the European Finance Association, please visit the EFA website.

EIBA Annual Conference 2021 & Other Activities

EIBA logo

EIBA 2021 – 47th Annual Conference of the European International Business Academy
Theme: "Firms, Innovation, and Location: Reshaping International Business for Sustainable Development in the Post-Pandemic Era"
Dates: Friday-Sunday, December 10-12, 2021
Host & Location: Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
⇒ The Conference will take place in person (circumstances permitting) – Registration opens September 10th.

Website: Call for Papers | Inquiries:    

Submission deadline for Posters & Paper Development Workshops (PDWs): September 20, 2021
The submission deadline for papers and panel proposals has passed.

► EIBA 2021 Madrid is preceded by several EIBA pre-conference events for doctoral students & young scholars...

35th EIBA Doctoral Tutorial 
"The John H. Dunning Doctoral Tutorial in International Business"
Date: December 10, 2021
Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
Submission deadline: September 1, 2021

10th EIBA Doctoral Symposium
"The Danny Van Den Bulcke Doctoral Symposium in International Business"
Date: December 10, 2021
Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
Submission deadline: September 1, 2021

7th EIBA Early Career Network Workshop
Date: December 10, 2021
Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
Submission deadline: September 20, 2021

IBR Professional Development Workshop
Date: December 10, 2021
Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

► For more Development Workshops (PDWs), please see the EIBA 2021 Madrid website (under Programme) and consult the Prelimary Programme for links to detailed information & updates...

International Business Perspectives
ISSN 2222-4785

► The EIBAzine online newsletter (current and past issues) is available on the EIBA website (under Publications).

► For more information on the European International Business Academy, please visit the EIBA website.

EMAC Regional Conference 2021 & Other Activities

EMAC Regional Conference 2021
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Dates: September 22-24, 2021

Registration Link:

EMAC Doctoral Colloquium 2022
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Dates: May 22-24, 2022

EMAC Annual Conference 2022
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Dates: May 24-27, 2022

Submission Deadline: December 1, 2021 (15:00 CET) 

Competitive Paper Submission Link:

Special Session Submission Link:

The 10th BMM-EMAC Biennial International Conference on Business Market Management
Location: University of Passau, Passau, Germany
Dates: June 30-July 3, 2022

EMAC Newsletter

EMAC Newsletter: EMAC Members are invited to send their contributions for the quarterly EMAC E-Newsletter to Anne-Laure Marteaux. The next issue will be circulated in October 2021. 

► For more information on this association, please visit the EMAC website

EURAM Annual Conferences & Other Activities

EURAM Annual Conference 2021
Keynote speeches and other recordings are available here.

EURAM Annual Conference 2022
Dates: June 15-17, 2022
Location: ZHAW School of Management and Law, Winterthur, Switzerland
First Call for Papers: September 23, 2022

EURAM Doctoral Colloquium 2022
Dates: June 13-14, 2022
Location: ZHAW School of Management and Law, Winterthur, Switzerland 

EURAM Annual Conference 2023
Dates: June 14-16, 2023
Location: Trinity Business School, Dublin, Ireland

EURAM Doctoral Colloquium 2022
Dates: June 12-13, 2022
Location: Trinity Business School, Dublin, Ireland

More information on the above events and others organised with EURAM's Strategic Interest Groups (SIGs) is posted on the EURAM website →

Link to the EURAM Newsletter →

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Visit our new website

EurOMA Annual Conferences & Other Activities

EurOMA 2022 – 29th International Annual EurOMA Conference
Dates: July 3-6, 2022
Location: Berlin, Germany

The EurOMA 2022 conference will be preceded by the following:

  • 21st EurOMA Doctoral Seminar 
  • 15th EurOMA Workshop on Journal Publishing in Operations Management
  • 13th EurOMA Young Scholars' Workshop 

EurOMA 2023 – 30th International Annual EurOMA Conference
Dates: July 3-5, 2023
Leuven, Belgium

9th EurOMA Sustainable Operations and and Supply Chain Forum
March 21-22, 2022
Zagreb, Croatia

Theme: Sustainable operations and supply chain management under risky and uncertain times

For more information, contact: Jasna Prester

► For more information on this association, please visit the EurOMA website.


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